Pray for me O Holy Mother of God, that I, your Humble Servant, will carry out, Your requests, with True and Unfailing Faith in You, and Your Blesséd Son, Jesus Christ.


25th December 2008, 1st Day Christmas

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In the morning of Christmas Day, I made my way to the “Bush Grotto” to meet “Our Blesséd Mother” for the first day of the 3 Days of the 9 Hour “Prayer Vigils”, with “Our Blesséd Mother”, in response to Her “Invitation” passed onto me a few weeks ago, on the 3rd December.

However, as I walked along the Bush track on my way, already feeling extremely tired as a result of very little rest over the preceding days leading up to this very day, I was feeling a great deal of Trepidation and Apprehension, whilst praying my “Rosaries” as I was walking, because of the anticipated attack from “Satan” that I felt most sure I was going to endure, at some time along the way.

Then as I reached and entered into the “Wetlands Area”, without incident up to this point in time, the same location that “Satan” had chosen to launch his “Diabolical” Temptations and Attacks on me during the corresponding time over last Christmas of 2007, there standing in the middle of the track, some 200 or so metres into the “Wetlands Area”, there was “Satan”, again dressed as he usually is when he unfortunately and much to my Dismay and Displeasure chooses to make his “Diabolical Presence” visible to me, dressed in his 3-Piece Pin-Striped suit, and this in spite of the backdrop of the Australian Bush.

However on this occasion, on this first day of the 3 Days of Prayer, Sacrifice, Fasting and Abstinence with “Our Blesséd Mother”, he was holding in his hands, 2 trays of most Appetising food, in His right hand a tray containing a freshly cooked Leg of Smoked Ham, that instantly sent my taste buds into a Frenzy of Desirous hunger,  Pangs of hunger which were then in turn Torturously increased with the tray of freshly baked Bread Rolls, still warm Bread Rolls, that in turn filled my senses of smell with its most Appetising Aroma.

This Appetising Temptation simply added to the Pain of the hunger Pangs that I had been feeling by now, after 4 weeks into this Current period of Fasting, and which made this Temptation even the more difficult for me, a person who truly enjoys his food, to resist, be it willingly, or as was the case with me on this day, namely most, most reluctantly.

Then as I neared “Satan” I tried to side step him, even though I was so sorely Tempted to accept his most Appetising offer, but “Satan” simply stepped in front of me to block my way.

He then thrust the tray containing the freshly cooked Leg of Smoked Ham under my nose saying;

“Come on now, don’t tell me that you don’t want this Delicious Food, I know how much you like this Ham.

I know that you are hungry, so come on, eat it, I have plenty more for you.”

However, in response to his what I could only describe as Torturous Temptations, and in spite of my tiredness and my state of hunger at this point in time, I did, although in all honesty, most, most reluctantly, managed somehow to refuse his offer, saying to him;

“Leave me alone, ‘Satan’, I am not going to eat your food, not today not ever.

I will only eat that food which ‘My Blesséd Mother’ has permitted me to eat, Heavenly food and not your food.”

Then “Satan’s” facial expression changed dramatically with his cheeks beginning to puff out and his eyes becoming blood shot, as he fell into a Rage of Temper, and out of immense anger and in a fit of Rage, he slammed the tray containing the freshly cooked Leg of Smoked Ham, onto the ground at my feet, and as I looked down onto the ground, somewhat Startled at his sudden turn of Rage, I had noticed, much to my Amazement, that the Leg of Smoked Ham had now somehow been “Transformed” into a Freshly Slaughtered  Leg of Pork, with the Flesh still raw and bleeding at the open end of the leg, and, now even more Startled could “See” that it was moving, as though it was still “Alive”!

Being so Startled at what I had just seen, and not being sure, if I was only imagining what I had just Witnessed, I quickly took a step back, and still looking in Amazement at the Freshly Slaughtered Leg of Pork still moving on the ground, I went to prod it with my walking stick, in order to “See” if I could establish what was causing it to move.

Then as my walking stick came into contact with the surface of the Skin of this Freshly Slaughtered Leg of Pork, much to my Horror and indeed Shock, the Skin of the Leg of Pork suddenly “Burst” open, with a most ghastly rich Slimy Green “Puss-Like” Excretion spewing out from what now appeared to be “Putrefying” Flesh, that gave off a most penetrating Noxious “Putrid” odour that instantly found its way into my nose and then Rapidly filled all of my Sinuses, instantly replacing the Appetizing Aromas that had had played Havoc with my hunger Pangs, with a most Painful and Ghastly Nausea in my Stomach and Penetratingly Explosive Pain in my head.

Then hardly had I begun to absorb the extraordinary events that were unfolding before my very eyes, when I then noticed that emerging from the Bowels of this Slimy Green Excretion was a sizable number of large Maggots, Wriggling their way to the surface of this Excretion, an Excretion which itself was oozing out of the “Putrefying” Flesh of this Leg of Pork.

Then before I could take in this new “Diabolical Development”, the entire host of Maggots suddenly “Burst” into a Swarm of very large “March Flies”, or “Horse Flies” as they are often referred to, Flies the size of  One Dollar Coins, at least, that flew out from their “Pupae State” as Maggots, but which as Maggots were swimming in the “Putrid” Excretion, and now as “March Flies” were engulfing me, Buzzing around my entire body, but particularly around my head and face, with such a Deafening Din that was so loud and disturbing, that it was having an affect on my “Vertigo”, causing me some difficulty with my balance, particularly as the sudden Attack of this Swarm of “March Flies” sent me into a Frenzy of “Arm-Waving”, in a Frantic attempt to wave them away from my face, in particular.

Being besieged by this Swarm of “March Flies”, Nauseated by the Foul Stench of the “Putrefying” Flesh, and being so tired and weary as well as extremely Frustrated by the Current  “Antics” of “Satan”, all of this drove me to try and kick away this now “Putrefying” Leg of Pork on the ground by my feet, but before I could even lift my feet off from the ground, “Satan” quickly bent down and picked it up from the ground, and in an instant it was “Re-formed” back into the freshly cooked and extremely Appetizing Leg of Smoked Ham, that it had originally been presented to me as, by “Satan”, and this right before my very eyes.     


Then totally startled at this new “Evil Trickery” of “Satan’s”, he then in an instant thrust the “Re-formed” Leg of Smoked Ham under my nose again, renewing my hunger Pangs, and as he did so the Swarm of “March Flies” as quickly as they had originally Appeared, simply flew away and Disappeared, and as they did so, “Satan” again began to speak to me saying:

“Come on, eat it, I know that you want it.    I know that you are hungry, so come on, eat it.”

Again, as I had done only a few minutes earlier, I, albeit most reluctantly, refused his offer, and again as was the case following my first refusal, “Satan” became angered as he started screaming at, me;

“What’s wrong with you?    Come on eat.    What are you are trying to prove by not eating?     You are just making a fool of yourself in front of everyone.    No-one is impressed by your Stupid ‘Insane’ heroics.   You can’t fool anyone.  You are only fooling yourself!”

This fresh Taunting of “Satan” then forced me to retort by saying;

“Leave me alone.    I’ve told you already I am not eating your food.     I am only going to eat that food which ‘My Blesséd Mother’ has ‘Invited’ me to eat, food that is not only good for my Body, but that which I know will be good for my Soul.

I don’t care what others think of me.   My Soul, my Life, does not belong to others, but to The Heavenly Father, and I am only concerned about pleasing The Heavenly Father, My Blesséd Lord and ‘My Blesséd Mother’, and not others. 

So leave me alone.      Just leave me alone.”

Then to this reply, “Satan” fell into a Tirade, screaming at the top of his voice at me, screaming out;

“I will destroy you, you will see, I will destroy you!      You will never defeat me!”

Then in a Rage, “Satan” again threw the “Re-formed”  freshly cooked Leg of Smoked Ham on the ground at my feet with the same resultant affect as was the case when he had thrown it on the ground the first time only a few minutes earlier, where it again “Transformed” into a Freshly Slaughtered Leg of Pork, again with the same Slimy Green Excretion oozing out from the “Putrefying” Flesh, and the same “Putrid”, Foul Stench finding its way into my nose and filling all my Sinuses with its Sickening Odour, now once again bringing on the Painful Nausea and Headache, in place of the renewed hunger Pangs.

Once again as was the case only a few minutes earlier, the Swarm of “March Flies” Burst out of their “Pupae State” from the Maggots that once again were Swimming in the oozing Excretion, and quickly engulfed my body, but particularly my head and face, which in turn sent me into a renewed Frenzy of “Arm-Waving”, in an attempt to keep the “March Flies” away from my face, in particular.

Then as was the case a little earlier on, I was driven to attempt to kick the “Putrefying” Leg of Pork away from my feet, and again before I could even lift my feet from the ground, “Satan” bent down and swiftly picked it up, and for the second time it was again “Re-formed” back into the freshly cooked Leg of Smoked Ham, which now, for 3rd time he thrust under my nose only to once again Torturously renew my hunger Pangs, with the most Appetising Aroma, whilst simultaneously the “March Flies” simply flew away and Disappeared.

Then as “Satan” thrust the “Re-formed” freshly cooked Leg of Smoked Ham under my nose, with its most Appetizing and Appealing Aroma Painfully teasing my taste buds, he began again speaking to me, saying;

“Now come on, be reasonable.    You and I both know that you are hungry and want to eat, so come on, take it and eat it.”

However, this time I myself became angry, as the pressure of the events evolving before my eyes, coupled with my weary state, and in all honesty, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Faith in Christ, as a result of the pressure of the “Testing” of my ailing Faith, and in this state of anger, I attempted to push the Leg of Smoked Ham away from under my nose, only for “Satan” to withdraw it from my reach and sending him, at the same time, into another Tirade, screaming at me;

“I will destroy you, you Self-Righteous fool.     You are totally incapable of stopping me.   I can and I ‘Will’ crush you.”

However, in response, and in spite of my tiredness and extremely stressed state of mind, I somehow managed to calmly say to him;

“Yes, ‘Satan’, I know full well that you ‘Can’ Destroy me and are more than capable of ‘Crushing’ me, as I know that I am no match to your power over me or anyone else on this earth that you should ‘Choose’ to Harm or even Destroy, but you cannot and never will have Power over ‘My Blesséd Mother’, or ever be able to even harm Her, let alone Destroy Her, and ‘My Blesséd Mother’ will always protect me against you and any of your ‘Evil Cohorts’!

I then thrust my right hand, with my “Rosary” wrapped around it, into his face and letting out an enormously loud Scream, “Satan” threw the Leg of Smoked Ham, now for the 3rd time, on to the ground by my feet, and now for the 3rd time, it became “Transformed” into the Freshly Slaughtered Leg of Pork, oozing out the Green Slimy Excretion, from its “Putrefying” Flesh, emitting once again the Noxious “Putrid” Stench, which in turn, again filled my nose and Sinuses with its Painful and Nauseating affects on my Stomach and Head.

This time, however, the Swarm of “March Flies” that emerged from the “Pupae State” of the Maggots that once again were Swimming in the Slimy Green Excretion from the “Putrefying” Flesh of the Leg of Pork, were so much greater in numbers than on the previous two occasions, and as they Swarmed around me, but particularly around my face, so numerous were their numbers, that it was so difficult for me to be able to “See” beyond them, as they formed a dense Buzzing “Cloud” around me.

Then the Loud Din of their Buzzing, and their constant attempts to sting me as much as they could, as they continually penetrated my feeble defence of “Arm-Waving”, caused me to almost Panic, particularly as I was becoming extremely disoriented and losing my sense of direction, and with my “Vertigo” also now being seriously challenged and the Nausea and Headache that I was experiencing as a result of the now unbearable “Putrid” Stench of “Putrefying” Rotting Flesh, now seemingly increasing in intensity, I was becoming increasingly more Desperate within myself.

With an immense feeling of Confusion with the newly unfolding “Diabolically” generated Situation, I now began to even doubt my own sanity, even starting to think that what I was experiencing was simply a Hallucination, but in trying to rationalise the situation, as challenging as it was, I could clearly ascertain with Total Certainty that the sensation of hunger that I had earlier felt, was Definitely Real, the feeling of Nausea and Pain in my head from the Stench of the “Putrefying” Flesh, as was the “Putrefying”  Flesh and Excretion itself, these indeed were also Definitely Real.

Then the Pain from the stings of the “March Flies”, yes indeed this Pain was also Definitely Real, so I was able to satisfy myself that I was NOT Hallucinating or imagining these “Diabolical” events, so being satisfied of the “Reality” of the events that I was experiencing and with my head now Spinning, and experiencing difficulty in keeping myself on my feet, I tried to identify a familiar landmark, through the “Cloud” of “March Flies”, in order that I could attempt to continue on my way to the “Bush Grotto”, and as I did so I then noticed that “Satan” was no longer present.

Then amid the Swarm of “March Flies” I caught sight of a familiar Landmark, and with the Swarm of “March Flies” still in Tow, I headed towards the Familiar Landmark, and soon began to regain my bearings, and so I was now able to resume  Trekking along the track towards the “Bush Grotto”, Frantically attempting to wave away the Swarm of “March Flies”, that persisted to stay in Tow, Buzzing around my head all the way to the “Bush Grotto”, not leaving me, not for a single step along the way.

Then as I reached the “Bush Grotto”, Miraculously, and most Thankfully by the Grace of God, with 10 minutes to spare, and this in spite of “Satan’s” Antics at attempting to stop me, the Swarm of “March Flies” suddenly left me and congregated Hovering above a Fallen Tree located some 5 metres or so behind and to the left of the “Bush Grotto”, and simply remained Hovering above this Fallen Tree.

Then after the “March Flies” had settled in their newly adopted location, I then noticed that “Our Blesséd Mother” was standing by Her “Bush Grotto”, with Her Loving arms open in order to welcome me.

Then after we Embraced Our Blesséd Mother” spoke to me, saying;

“Thank you My Dear Faithful Child for coming to join Me, your Heavenly Mother at My ‘Bush Grotto’ today, on this special day, where My Children throughout the World are all ‘Invited’ to Commemorate, Reflect upon and Celebrate the Birth of My Belovéd Son, Jesus, their Heavenly Saviour.

I ‘Invite’ you My Dear Faithful Child to rest for a while from your Ordeal and Encounter with My Adversary, ‘Satan’, who is determined for you not to carry out My ‘Invitations’ extended to you, for you to join Me, your Heavenly Mother, in today’s ‘Prayer Vigil’ or for you to join Me, in My ‘Spiritual Fast’.

Once you have rested for a while, then you, My Dear Faithful Child, can continue to join Me, your Heavenly Mother, in today’s ‘Prayer Vigil’ and ‘Road to My Belovéd Son’s Calvary’ for today.”

I then lay down, almost in total exhaustion, in front of the “Bush Grotto” and almost immediately I fell into a Deep Sleep and then after about only 30 minutes, still tired, I awoke from my Deep Slumber and began my Prayers in front of the “Bush Grotto”, and noticed that the Swarm of “March Flies” were still Hovering above the Fallen Tree behind the “Bush Grotto”, creating a Loud Din, with their Collective Buzzing.

Then eventually the time was nearing 3.00 P.M., so I now prepared to join “Our Blesséd Mother” for the “Stations of The Cross” for today, firstly by offering up the 3’Oclock Prayers for the Divine Mercy, and then by Reading out the names on my Prayer List.

Then and after having Read out all of the names on my Prayer List, I then, with great difficulty, placed my Cross onto my back and as soon as I got onto my feet with the Cross, again oh so Heavy, on my back, I noticed the Swarm of “March Flies” fly from their adopted Location above the Fallen Tree behind the “Bush Grotto”, the entire Swarm, flying towards me, surrounding my Cross and me, thus making my journey along “The Road to Calvary” for today’s “Stations of The Cross” a most Tormenting encounter of Endurance.

Then having struggled slowly and most painfully from Station to Station to the 12th Station, with the Swarm of “March Flies” still in Tow, I then, with immense difficulty, removed my Cross from my back in preparation to receive my “Visual Image” for the day, and as I did so, I noticed that the Swarm of “March Flies” had left me and had retreated back to their adopted Location, and resumed to Hover above the Fallen Tree behind the “Bush Grotto”.

Then as I lay Prostrate in front of the “Bush Grotto”, I immediately entered into the “Visual Image” for today.

The “Vision” for today started off as the Standard “Visual Image” as described in (Message No.17 “The ‘Agony’ of Christ”), then after some time at the Foot of The Cross with  “Our Blesséd Mother”, Witnessing and Sharing in Our Blesséd Lord’s Suffering on His Cross at Calvary, a Large “Eucharistic Host” appeared over Our Blesséd Lord’s Sacred and “Excoriated” Chest, as has happened from time to time during previous “Visions” and as happened during the Corresponding “Visions” over the Christmas Period last year.

Then after a short while, the Large “Eucharistic Host” opened up and I could then “See” myself walking along a Roadway with many Stone Buildings to the Left and to the Right, walking together with St. Joseph, who was wearing a Long Dark Grey coloured Hooded Cloak with the Cloak over His Head and carrying a long “Knotted” Staff in His Right Hand, and a Lantern in His Left Hand.

I could “See” that St, Joseph and I were walking alongside a Donkey being led by St. Joseph by a rope loosely draped around its neck, with “Our Blesséd Mother”, clearly Heavily Pregnant, with what looked like a Large Dark blue coloured Blanket Wrapped around Her, totally covering Her including Her Head, as She was Sitting and Riding on the Back of the Donkey.

Then I could “See” and “Hear” St. Joseph turn to me and saying;

“My Dear Faithful Brother, would you stay with Mary, and look after Her, whilst I find out if there is a room available for us at the ‘Inn’ across the road.

Then I could “See” St. Joseph walk up to the doorway of a building across the Roadway from where we were standing, and after He knocked on the Door, I could “See” the Door open and a man emerge in the Doorway from inside the building, wearing a Hooded cloak, shaking his head as he spoke to St. Joseph, and then rapidly closing the Door leaving St. Joseph a lonely figure standing in the Doorway.

Then I could “See” St. Joseph returning to “Our Blesséd Mother” still sitting on the Donkey, and I, standing alongside the Donkey, and then could “See” all three of us continue to walk further along the Roadway, until after a short distance down the Road, St. Joseph suddenly stopped and pointing towards a building to the Right of us, St. Joseph turned to me and began speaking to me, saying;

“My Dear Faithful Brother, would you go over to that Inn’ and ‘See’ if there are any Vacant Rooms available for Mary and Her Baby Child?”

So in response to St. Joseph’s request, I made my way over to the “Inn” and as I approached the Doorway, I could “See” a Window next to the doorway, and through the Window I could “See” there were many people inside clearly in a Festive Spirit, drinking from Clay Goblets, some of whom were appearing to be Laughing, seemingly in a state of Inebriation.

Then after having knocked on the Door I could “See” the door being opened and could “Hear”, from the now open Door, Music in the background and a Din of Loud Voices and Laughter from within the building, and the man who had opened the Door standing, rather dishevelled with a goblet of wine in his left hand, in the doorway, and then in a rather Slurred voice, I could “Hear” him talking to me saying;

“What do you want young man?”

To which I replied, saying;

“Sir, I am looking for a room for my friend and his wife, who is about to give birth to her child.

It is cold out here and they have been walking for miles in the cold, all the way from Nazareth, to Register for the Census, and my friend and his wife are extremely Cold and Weary from the Long Journey to reach your town of Bethlehem.

Could you help them out?”

Then the man seemed to Sober up somewhat as he retorted in a Gruff voice, saying;

“Away with you and your friends.   Can’t you see that I have Guests gathered here tonight?

We are having a gathering, a party, and have gathered here to enjoy ourselves, and don’t want to be bothered by you and your friends, and especially not by a screaming Brat!

Go, leave us be, we don’t want our enjoyment disturbed.”

So, I wished him and his Guests well, and as I did so, he slammed the door shut in my face, as I returned, dejected, to St. Joseph and “Our Blesséd Mother”, still sitting on the Donkey, but with Her looking so Tired and so Cold in the now Driving Snow.

I could then “See” St. Joseph and I, each of us, alternately approach a number of buildings over the next, what seemed like few hours, as we gradually made our way along the now Snow covered Roadway, with one Rebuff after another.

Then finally I could “See” St. Joseph from a little distance walking from a doorway, towards “Our Blesséd Mother” on the Donkey, and I, standing alongside, but with St. Joseph looking most dejected, clearly having just been Rebuffed.

Then as St. Joseph was crossing the Snow covered Roadway, I could “See” a man dressed in a cloak and also carrying a long Staff in his hand, walk towards St. Joseph but from the opposite direction, stop and briefly talk to St. Joseph, before continuing to go on his way in the direction from where we had come from.

Then once St. Joseph reached “Our Blesséd Mother”, looking so Cold and still sitting on the Donkey, and I, standing alongside the Donkey, St Joseph spoke to us saying;

“That young man that I was speaking to, is a Shepherd, and having overheard me enquiring unsuccessfully about any Vacancies at that ‘Inn’, this Shepherd has ‘Kindly’ offered us the use of a Cave in the Field at the end of the Town, a Cave, which he makes use of as a shelter for his life stock against the Ravages of the Cold Weather, and has offered us the use of it, as long as we don’t mind sharing it with the life stock that is right now sheltering from this Snow.

So let us make our way there.”

Then I could “See” St. Joseph leading the Donkey on which “Our Blesséd Mother” Shivering and Cold, was still sitting on, and I, making our way along the Roadway in the Driving Snow, Swirling around in an Icy Headwind, eventually reaching the end of the Roadway, at the end the Town, and trudging along a Snow covered Track in a field, by the light of His Lantern reflecting light from the Snow along the Track, until we finally reached the Cave that the Shepherd had offered St. Joseph as shelter, which in turn had a Large Wooden Door, enclosing the entrance of the Cave.

Having arrived at the Cave, I could “See” St. Joseph open up the Large Wooden Door, and as we entered into the “Cavern-Stable”, I could “See”, by the light of the Lantern that St. Joseph was carrying, 2 Oxen, a few Sheep, and some Ducks and Geese, with all of the animals present in this “Cavern-Stable”, huddled together, clearly attempting to keep warm, on a bedding of Hay that was situated on the floor, towards the Left hand side of the “Cavern-Stable”.

Then I could “See” in the Centre and towards the Back of the “Cavern-Stable”, a large Drinking Trough made of Clay and Rectangular in shape, shaped much like a Bath Tub, which was divided in the middle, with the top half filled with Feed for the animals, and the bottom half ¾’s filled with Water for the animals.

Then I could “See” St. Joseph place the Lantern on a Natural Shelf at the Back of “Cavern-Stable” behind the Drinking Trough situated about 1½ Metres below the “Cavern-Stable” Roof, with the Light from the Lantern lighting up the entire “Cavern-Stable”, and could “See” St. Joseph proceed to remove the Feed for the animals from the top half of the Drinking Trough, and place the Feed on the ground in a neat pile, next to one of the Oxen, laying on the bedding of Hay.

Then I could “See” St. Joseph place some Hay from a small Bundle of Hay situated close by to where the Sheep were laying on the ground, into the top half of the Drinking Trough, in place of the Feed, as a form of bedding for a “Crib”. 

Then I could “See” and “Hear” St. Joseph turn to me and saying;

“My Dear Faithful Brother, would you go into the Field and fetch one of the Bundles of Hay from the Bale that we had passed on the way to this ‘Stable’, so that we can create some extra warmth for Mary’s Newborn and for the animals here, as I prepare for the Birth of the ‘Holy Child’.”

I could then “See” myself leaving the “Cavern-Stable” and making my way through the driving Snow, heading towards the Bale of Hay that we had earlier passed, and on the way I could “See” myself meeting with the Shepherd that St. Joseph had earlier spoken to and as we met, I could “Hear” the Shepherd speaking to me, saying;

“Have you found the ‘Stable’, that I had offered the use of, for your friend and his Pregnant Wife?”

In reply I spoke to the Shepherd, saying;

“Yes we have.      Thank you so much for your kindness.    We are right now trying to make it more comfortable for the Birth of the Child, and also to create more comfort and warmth, for the animals in the ‘Stable’.

In fact, I am on my way to fetch another bundle of Hay to help create a little more comfort and warmth in the ‘Stable’, that is of course, if you don’t mind.”

Then I could “See” and “Hear” the Shepherd with a smile on his face speaking to me and saying;

“You are truly welcome, I just wish I could offer your friend and his Pregnant Wife a more comfortable place for your Friend’s Wife to give Birth to her Child, but I just simply do not have anything better to offer.

The ‘Stable’ is in fact my own shelter from the elements, as well as protection for the animals during these Cold nights.”

Then I could “See” the Shepherd stretch out his right arm, and taking hold of my Left hand, he continued to speak to me saying;

“Come, my friend, come with me and let me help you with the Hay.

I could then “See” the Shepherd and I walking together through the driving Snow, into the field, and after some time we reached the Bale of Hay, and could “See” the Shepherd pick up a Large Bundle of Hay and Strap it to his back, followed by myself repeating the process, and then could “See”, both the Shepherd and I continue to Trudge through the Snow, with a Bundle of Hay each, on our backs, heading in the direction of the “Stable”.

Eventually I could “See” both of us reach the “Stable” Door, and could “See” the Shepherd knocking on the Large Wooden Door, and I could “Hear” St. Joseph’s voice from behind the Large Wooden Door beckoning the Shepherd and I to enter.

Then as the Shepherd and I, with the Bundles of Hay still strapped to our backs, entered the “Cavern-Stable”, much to my Surprise I could “See” St. Joseph standing at the head of the “Trough-Crib” together with “Our Blesséd Mother”, and laying on the bedding of Hay that St. Joseph had earlier prepared as a “Crib”, there I could “See”, in Wonderment as well as Surprise, the Newborn “Baby Jesus” lying on the “Crib” of Hay, all wrapped up in Swaddling, with only His Little Sacred Head visible.

Then I noticed a wonderful Aura around St. Joseph, “Our Blesséd Mother” and the “Baby Jesus” that seemed to Radiate a most Beautiful Heavenly Warmth that filled the entire “Cavern-Stable” and then as the Shepherd and I were trying to absorb and take in this incredible scene of what I could only describe as “Heavenly Magnificence”, I could then “Hear” a Beautiful Choir, singing a tune that was so familiar to me.

The Beautiful tune that I was “Hearing” was in fact a Beautiful Carol that “Our Blesséd Mother” had given to me some Five and Half years ago, and then noticed that the Choir that was delivering this most Heavenly Music, was made up of a group of 7 Angels that were kneeling on the Natural Shelf behind St. Joseph and “Our Blesséd Mother”, with the whole Host of Singing Angels, looking down in Total Adoration as well as Admiration, at the “Baby Jesus”, as they were singing.

It seemed at first, as though the Shepherd and I were trapped in a Beautiful and Heavenly moment of time, as though time itself had suddenly stopped still, then as if we had suddenly woken up, I could “See” the Shepherd and I instantly being overcome with a deep sense of Awe, Reverence and Respect, as we came to realise that we had found ourselves in the Actual Presence of the very “Son of God”, and now could “See” both the Shepherd and I, with the Bundles of Hay still strapped to our backs, fall to our knees, and then simultaneously Prostrate ourselves on the ground in the Presence of the Newly Born “Son of God”, our Heavenly Saviour.

Then after a few moments, I could “See” the Shepherd and I struggle up from the ground, as if we had suddenly remembered that we still had the Bundles of Hay strapped to our backs and proceeded to remove the Bundles off our backs.

Having successfully removed the Bundles of Hay from our backs, I could “See” “Our Blesséd Mother” beckon the Shepherd and I forward, to take a closer look at Her Newborn “Holy Child”, which with a deep sense of Total “Unworthiness” and yet with a sense of Deep Honour, we did nevertheless most willingly do, and could “See” both of us going up to and kneeling beside, the “Trough-Crib” of the “Baby Jesus”.

Then as the Shepherd and I looked down at the “Holy Infant”, I could “See” His Little Eyes were tightly closed, but had such a Cute and Peaceful Smile on His Beautiful Sacred Face, barely visible beneath the warmth of the Swaddling that He was so Snugly wrapped in, and I could both “See” and “Hear” the Host of 7 Angels, still kneeling on the Natural Shelf at the Back of the “Cavern-Stable” and singing their Beautiful Music with Angelic Joy, Radiating from their voices.

Then, turning to the Shepherd and I, I could “See” and “Hear” “Our Blesséd Mother” speaking to us, saying;

“Thank you, for welcoming My Child, your Heavenly Saviour into the World.

His Blessings and Graces will, from today, pour into your Hearts and Souls and will stay with you for all eternity.

I ‘Invite’ you to go and tell everyone you can, of the ‘Good News’, that the Heavenly Saviour of Mankind has been born today for you and ‘All’ of Mankind, Past, Present and Future, to lead ‘All’ of Mankind, into Life Eternal.”

Then I could “See” the Shepherd and I getting up and bowing Reverently in front of the “Holy Family”, and leave the “Cavern-Stable” via the Large Wooden Door.

Then at this point I found myself again at the Foot of the Cross at Calvary together with “Our Blesséd Mother”, with both of us looking up at Our Blesséd Lord on His Cross with the Large “Eucharistic Host” still covering His Sacred Chest, and after a few moments, the Large “Eucharistic Host” disappeared and I could “See” Our Blesséd Lord look down at “Our Blesséd Mother” and I, Smiling at both “Our Blesséd Mother” and I, still kneeling beneath His Cross, at which point today’s “Vision” concluded.

At the conclusion of today’s “Visual Image”, I concluded the prayers for the 12th Station, after which I replaced my Cross, again with great difficulty, onto my back to continue with the completion of today’s “Stations of the Cross”, and as soon as I stood up with the Cross on my back, the Swarm of “March Flies”, that during my “Vision” had clearly been Hovering above the Fallen Tree behind the “Bush Grotto”, instantly flew over to me and descended on my Cross and me.

Then as I resumed carrying my Cross to the 13th Station, the Swarm of “March Flies” continued to Buzz around my face as well as my Cross and remained with me until the Conclusion of the “Stations of the Cross” for today, right up until I removed my Cross at the very end of the today’s “Stations”, and as soon as I removed my Cross from my back, the entire Swarm of “March Flies” simply flew away, with not one single Fly to be seen anywhere in the vicinity of the “Bush Grotto” area, for the rest of the Prayer Vigil, for today, this the first day of the 3 days of Prayer Vigils with “Our Blesséd Mother” for this Christmas.

Then at 9.00 P.M., at the end of today’s Prayer Vigil, I made my way, in the dark of the night, back to the car to return home to care for my Ailing Wife for the night, still offering up my “Rosaries” on the way, in Thanksgiving to  “Our Blesséd Mother” for having “Answered” all of the Masses and Prayers that had been offered up for me for today, by those Faithful Priests and Faithful Lay alike, that I had “Invited” to pray for me, for without these all important Prayers, I know full well I could not have managed to get through the Sufferings and Sacrifices for today, that “Our Blesséd Mother” had “Invited” me to Share in with Her, for today, Christmas Day of 2008.


I pray, O Holy Mother of God, that those who choose to Read or Hear Your Messages, will receive them with Your Blessings, and that their Heart’s too, will be filled with Your Graces and Love.