Pray for me O Holy Mother of God, that I, your Humble Servant, will carry out, Your requests, with True and Unfailing Faith in You, and Your Blesséd Son, Jesus Christ.


26th December 2008, 2nd Day-Christmas-Boxing

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

After yesterday’s most disturbing Attacks by “Satan”, I headed off along the Bush Track towards the “Bush Grotto” this morning, on Boxing Day, 26th December 2008, with a great deal of Trepidation and with a Heightened sense of Awareness of “Satan’s” Antics, being Acutely Mindful of “Our Blesséd Mothers” advise to me from just over 4 years ago, to be constantly “Vigilant”, as “Satan” can and will attack me or any of us, for that matter, when any of us, least expect it.

Then, as I was about ⅓ of my way into my journey, on this the Second day of the “Invitation” of 3 Days of Prayer Vigils with “Our Blesséd Mother” for this Christmas, the Silence of my Meditation in Prayer, as I was Praying my “Rosaries” along the way, was suddenly and abruptly interrupted by the sound of “Trail Bikes” from behind me.

The use of these Bush Tracks by “Trail Bike Riders” is not uncommon from time to time, more particularly during Holiday Periods or weekends, and have always presented themselves to me, at least, as an Unwelcome and most Annoying Disturbance to my Meditations in Prayer, when I Trek these Tracks on the way to visit “Our Blesséd Mother” at Her “Bush Grotto”, just as I was doing today.

As the “Trail Bikes” came closer to me, so indeed the noise of their Engines become louder, and soon enough two “Trail Bikes” with their Riders Sped past me, with the Front Rider holding up a can of beer in his left hand as he accelerated past me, leaving me Engulfed in a cloud of dust, being thrown up by the back wheels of the “Trail Bikes”, from the loose Gravel and Sand on the surface of the Track.

However, soon after these two “Trail Bikers” had past me, the Din of the noisy Engines of the “Trail Bikes”, thankfully became more distant, until eventually the Peace and Tranquillity of the Silence of the Natural Bush, returned to its Natural State, enabling me to continue to Pray my “Rosaries” in my preferred Meditative way, as I Trekked onwards towards the “Bush Grotto”.

Then about 20 minutes later, as I was now approaching the “Wetlands Area”, where I had the misfortune of having Encountered “Satan” yesterday, the Peace and Tranquillity was again interrupted, as I could again “Hear” the Din of the “Trail Bikes”, this time ahead of me and coming towards me,  in my direction.

Then a few moments later I could “See” a cloud of dust ahead of me, and then ahead of the cloud of dust itself, I could “See” the same two “Trail Bike Riders” that had passed me from behind me, only a matter of minutes earlier, now heading along the same track, but towards me and ahead of me, and again as had been the case only a few minutes earlier, the same Front Rider was holding a can of beer into the air in his left hand, as if to Salute me, but this time as he approached me, he Reared his “Trail Bike” onto its back Wheel, as he sped past me, again Engulfing me in a cloud of dust, but laughing at me as he sped past, being closely Pursued by his companion.

But as this “Trail Biker” sped past in this manner, I was thinking to myself how Foolish this Rider was, riding in such a Dangerous manner, as he could so easily Crash his motorbike and equally easily seriously injure himself with such Foolish behaviour, particularly as it was clearly obvious that he had been drinking.

However, as soon as they had passed by and the Din of the Engines of the “Trail Bikes”, began to diminish, I tried to resume with my Praying, but was momentarily interrupted as the now diminishing Din came to a sudden Abrupt Halt, and momentarily I stopped walking, thinking the worst, that maybe they had in fact Crashed and perhaps had injured themselves in the process.

So, I looked back, and although I could “See” a cloud of dust behind me, I could neither “See” nor “Hear”, the “Trail Bikes” or their Riders, but still somewhat concerned, I walked back a few metres in the direction that the Riders were heading, through the now settling dust, but still could not “See” nor “Hear” anything.

Then because I could not spot the Riders or their “Trail Bikes”, but being quite sure that had they Crashed  I would have easily spotted them, as the Bikes themselves were predominately Black in colour with Rich Red coloured Stripes, and that both of the Riders were themselves dressed in Black Leather Riding Suits and wearing Black Helmets with Dark Tinted Visors, I turned back again and resumed walking towards the “Bush Grotto”.

I felt quite sure that they had just simply stopped a little further down the Track, and maybe even in amongst the Scrub, as I have in the past witnessed other Riders having done, so I turned my attention to Bracing myself for what I felt sure was to be an inevitable Encounter with “Satan”, as I was so close to the “Wetlands Area”, the venue of yesterday’s “Diabolical” Encounter with this “Evil Abomination”.

I was by now, in an ever increasingly Heightened State of Awareness, so much so, that I kept on looking with immense Suspicion at every Bush and Scrub, at every Tree, and at every Large Rock that I walked past along the Track, as if I were expecting “Satan” to suddenly Jump out from behind one of them, or to suddenly Appear from behind one of them, as I walked along.

Then as I was walking and Clutching onto my “Rosary Beads” so tightly as I Prayed, I could again “Hear” the Din of the “Trail Bikes”, now from behind me, and as the “Trail Bikes” neared me as I walked along the Track now in the “Wetlands Area”, I felt almost a sense of Relief, as I was thinking that surely “Satan” would not make an Appearance in the “Wetlands Area”, if there was to be human company Present.

Then as the Riders were almost upon me, I turned around to step nearer to the edge of the Track, in order to give them more room to pass me, and as I did so, the front Rider, the same Rider that had already passed me twice earlier today and now for the second time from behind me, and still with a can of beer in his left hand, this Rider now Rode straight at me, and with the can of beer still in his left hand, pushed me to the ground, and as he did so, he came to a halt in front of me, with the Rider spinning the “Trail Bike” around so that the “Trail Bike” itself, came to a halt above me, as I now lay on the ground beneath it and the Rider.

Startled and Shocked, and not knowing whether I had been seriously injured, I instantly felt a sense of Anger at this Rider, but before I could react or even say anything, the Rider jumped off his “Trail Bike”, kicking it onto its stand in the process, and then almost in one move he bent down over me and reached out his right arm and grabbing my left hand pulled me off the ground and onto my feet.

Still Startled, I just simply didn’t know what to say, and before I could even bring myself around to react to the Suddenness of this situation, let alone think of what to say, I could “See” the other Rider that had been accompanying this, the front Rider, this second Rider was Straddling the “Trail Bike”, and could “See” quite clearly that this Rider was in fact a woman, as clearly evidenced by the tight Black coloured Leather Riding suit that outlined her female form, and by the long brown hair that flowed onto her back from beneath the bottom of her Helmet.

Then the first Rider, the one who had knocked me down to the ground, and now had picked me up from the ground, this first Rider took off his Black helmet, and as he did so, to my Shock and Horror I could “See” straight away that this Rider was “Satan” himself, and could even “See” the Shirt and Tie that he usually wears with his Pin-Striped Suit whenever “Satan” chooses to Torment me with his “Diabolical” Presence, visible beneath the top of the Black coloured Leather Riding suit that he was wearing.

On “Seeing” that it was “Satan” himself, that had knocked me down, I instantly began to get angry, but ignoring my reaction, “Satan” went to the back of his “Trail Bike”, that had a Black coloured “Esky Style” Box strapped to a Rack, and from this Box he produced on a Tray, a very Succulent and Appetizing freshly cooked Leg of Smoked Ham, just as he had done, although in a different way, only yesterday, but together with this Leg of Smoked of Ham, unlike yesterday, he had some “Gyulai” style Sausages, both items of Food sending my hunger Pangs into a Frenzy, as had been the case with the Food that he had Produced yesterday.

Then as he thrust the Food under my nose, my anger now turned into Desperation and Frustration, as the Appetizing Aroma’s were Torturously tugging at my hunger Pangs that were intensifying by the second, and upon seeing this, “Satan” then spoke to me, saying;

“Come on now, don’t be foolish, I have brought you what I know you like.

Come on, eat,  satisfy your hunger.          Look, I have brought you some beer, that I know you like.   Come, eat and drink.    I know you want to.    I can see you are hungry.   Come, enjoy yourself”

Then as “Satan” was Taunting me, I could “Hear” the female Rider laughing, and as I turned around to look at her, I could “See” that she had her Visor up, exposing her face, and could now “See” her eyes that seemed to Glitter with an “Evil” Red Glow, as she continued to laugh at me, as if she were amused by and was deriving some sort of Demonic Pleasure from the witnessing of my suffering.

Then my hunger Pangs rapidly turned into a deep Pain, so much so, that all I could think of and concentrate on momentarily, was on relieving this Pain, Pain of immense Hunger, and then I looked away momentarily to block out the very sight of this most Desirous and Tempting Food, but the Tantalizing and Appetizing Aroma’s could not escape my senses of smell, simply continuing to add to the Frenzy, that my hunger Pangs had now fallen into.

However as I was looking away from the Food, I caught sight of my “Rosary Beads” wrapped around my right hand, and thankfully, by the Grace of God, I was able to muster sufficient inner strength to momentarily deflect my attention from the hunger Pangs, and instead, to the “Power” that the “Rosary” Possesses, and quickly I lifted my right arm up in front of me, and with as much force as I could, on the spur of the moment muster up, I thrust my “Rosary” into the face of “Satan”.

Then as “Satan” caught sight of my “Rosary”, only millimetres from his “Evil” face, he turned into a Rage, and Roaring out aloud like a Raging Lion, “Satan” lifted up the tray with the freshly cooked Leg of Smoked Ham and “Gyulai” Sausages, holding it up in the air for a moment, before slamming the tray with Food onto the ground by my feet.

Then, as was the case yesterday, the Leg of Smoked Ham “Transformed” into a Freshly Slaughtered Leg of Pork, which again, as was the case yesterday, burst open with the same “Putrefying” Stench of Rotting Flesh, and again as was the case yesterday, oozing from the Bowels of this “Putrefying” Flesh was the same Slimy Green Excretion, containing a large quantity of Maggots in their “Pupae” Stage, Swimming in this “Putrid” Excretion, all of which almost instantly hatched, releasing a Swarm of Large “March Flies”, that, just as was the case yesterday, Swarmed around my face and head in particular.

Once again, as was the case yesterday, the “Putrid” Stench rising from the Slimy Green Excretion from the “Putrefying” Rotting Flesh, found its way into my nose and again filled every single Cavity in my Sinuses, instantly creating a most Painful attack of Nausea and Thunderously Splitting Headache.

However, in addition to the repetition of the “Diabolical” Tortures and Torments of yesterday with the “Putrefying” Leg of Pork, the “Gyulai” Sausages had been “Transformed” into a host of Dugite and Tiger Snakes, that simply remained stationary, curled up on the ground next to the “Putrefying” and Rotting Leg of Pork.

Thankfully, however, this new Antic of “Satan’s” did not have a particularly Deleterious affect on me, unlike the affects of the “Putrid” Stench of the “Putrefying” Rotting Flesh and the Swarm of “March Flies”, as I do not suffer a natural Fear of Snakes, and as the “Putrid” Stench together with the Din being made by the combined Buzzing of the Swarm of “March Flies” began to intensify its affect on me, I was becoming more and more Disoriented, finding it difficult to keep my balance, as my “Vertigo”,  as was the case yesterday, was being seriously challenged.

Then as I was Frantically trying to wave away the “March Flies”, I could “See” through the “Cloud” of “March Flies”, that “Satan” and his female companion were mounting their “Trail Bikes”, and then I could “See” them, although not very clearly, riding off into the distance, through the “Wetlands Area”, but then could not “See” where they were headed to, from that point.

By now, the Nausea from the “Putrid” Stench, had totally played Havoc not only on my Sinuses, but also had turned my Stomach inside out, so much so, that it had brought on an extremely painful attack of Diarrhoea and severe Stomach and Bowel Cramps.

However despite all of this Discomfort, coupled with the ceaseless attack by the Swarm of “March Flies”, and my feeble attempts of Defence of “Arm Waving” at keeping them at bay and away from my face, I eventually began to regain my bearings, and was able to continue on Trekking to the “Bush Grotto” again, but only by the Grace of God, and by the Intercession of “Our Blesséd Mother” from all of the Prayers that had been offered up for me, but now with “Satan”  having disappeared, I only needed to contend with the Swarm of “March Flies” that continued to stay in Tow, right up to my arrival at the “Bush Grotto” itself.

Once again as was the case yesterday, in spite of “Satan’s” Antics, I managed to arrive at the “Bush Grotto” with a few minutes to spare, to join “Our Blesséd Mother” for the “Angelus” at noon, midday, and on arrival at the “Bush Grotto” the Swarm of “March Flies” that had most unfortunately accompanied me, had, just as they had done yesterday, left me and relocated themselves, En Masse, the entire Swarm, Hovering above the same Fallen Tree, as they had done yesterday, located behind the “Bush Grotto”.

Then as 3.00 P.M. approached, my thoughts in Prayer began to turn to the “Stations of the Cross” for today, and so in preparation I offered up the 3 O’Clock Prayers for the Divine Mercy, then proceeded to Read out the names on my Prayer List, after which, again with a great deal of difficulty, I placed my Cross onto my back, and again as was the case yesterday, as soon as I stood up with my Cross on my back, the Swarm of “March Flies” that had gathered around the Fallen Tree behind the “Bush Grotto”, descended most noisily around my Cross and my head and face in particular.

Then as I started to walk along “The Road to Our Blesséd Lord’s Calvary”, the “March Flies” continued on Buzzing around me, as I made my way from Station to Station, and they stayed in Tow right up until the 12th Station, at which point I removed the Cross from my back to receive my “Vision” for the day, and as soon as I removed the Cross, the Swarm of “March Flies”, the entire Swarm, just as they had done yesterday, flew off to their adopted location, Hovering above the Fallen Tree behind the “Bush Grotto”.

Then shortly after I lay Prostrate in front of the “Bush Grotto”, “Our Blesséd Mother” brought down upon me the Promised “Visual Image”, and again as was the case yesterday, the “Vision” started off as has now become the norm, with the Standard “Visual Image”, as described in (Message No.17, “The ‘Agony’ of Christ”), until after some time with “Our Blesséd Mother” and I kneeling at the Foot of the Cross at Calvary, sharing in the Suffering of Our Blesséd Lord, Hanging in “Agony” on His Cross, a Large “Eucharistic Host” again appeared on His Sacred Chest.

Once again as was the case in yesterday’s “Vision”, the Large “Eucharistic Host” after some time, opened up, and as it did so, I could “See” myself in the “Cavern-Stable”, kneeling alongside the “Trough-Crib” in Awe and Adoration of the sleeping “Baby Jesus” wrapped in Swaddling up to His Little Neck, with only His Little Sacred Face visible.

I could “See” St. Joseph and “Our Blesséd Mother” standing at the head of the “Trough-Crib” looking Admiringly down at the “Baby Jesus”, and could also “See” the 7 Angels kneeling on the Natural Shelf behind St. Joseph and “Our Blesséd Mother”, with each Angel holding a single Red Rose in their Hands, and kneeling in amongst an “Array” of Apricot, Canary and White coloured Roses, covering the entire Shelf with a Heavenly “Array”, Emitting a most Pleasant and Wonderful Fragrance, that “Perfumed” the entire “Cavern-Stable” with this “Divine” Aromatic Scent.

Then I could “See” one of the Oxen get up from the ground and approach the bottom half of the Drinking Trough to take a drink, but there was a thin sheet of ice covering the surface of the water, but then I could “See” the Ox begin to Breathe warm and steamy air from his Nostrils over the ice, in an attempt melt the ice, enabling him to access the water for him to drink.

Having, successfully melted most of the ice, I could then “See” the Ox taking a drink, and as he did so, I could “See” the Sleeping “Holy Infant”, stirring in His Slumber, seemingly from the clearly audible sound being made by the Drinking Ox, and then as the Little “Baby Jesus” eventually awoke, I could “See” the Little “Cherub” kick out His Little Feet from under the Swaddling, and as He did so, I could “See” that the Ox had noticed with its Large Dark eyes, the Little Feet kicking about in the air.

Then with a gentle Blink, the Ox stopped drinking and leaning over to the Little “Baby Infants” Little Feet and with an air of Gentility and Love, I could “See” the Ox Breathe onto the “Holy Infants” Little Feet, with the Steam from his Nostrils, clearly made visible by the Coldness of the air, giving Warmth and Comfort to the Little Feet of the “Baby Jesus”, to which the Little “Baby” responded with a gentle “Giggle” from the tickling Sensation that He was feeling.

Then I could “See” and “Hear” “Our Blesséd Mother” pick up the Little “Baby Jesus”, and Cradling Him in Her Arms, “Our Blesséd Mother” was singing to Her Newborn, singing the Beautiful Lullaby, to the tune known by most as Brahm’s Lullaby, and singing the Lyrics that “Our Blesséd Mother” had only recently given to me.

Within moments, I could “See” the Little “Baby Jesus” return to Sleep in the Loving Arms of His Heavenly Mother as She sang so Sweetly to Him, and then could “See” “Our Blesséd Mother” placing the “Holy Cherub” back onto the Hay in the “Trough-Crib”.

Then I could “See” St. Joseph remove some fragments of ice that were still floating on the surface of the water in the bottom half of the Trough, and having done this I could “See” Him gather together a group of 5 Little Ducklings that were huddled together in a Cute Bundle of Fluffy Yellow Down, under their Mother in the Hay on the Cavern Floor, and having Gently and Lovingly picked them up from the ground, He placed them into the water in the bottom half of the Trough.

Then as soon as the Little Ducklings found themselves in the water, I could “See” them Fluttering their Little Fledgling Wings as they chased each other, swimming up and down the length and breadth of the Trough, splashing about in the water in the process, and then I could “See” the Little “Baby Jesus” wake up amidst this “Aquatic” game of “Chaser-Chaser”.

Having now woken up, I could “See” the Little “Baby Jesus” lift up His Little Head as He lay on the Hay in His “Trough-Crib” and stretching His Little Neck, He tried to obtain a better view of this “Aquatic” Entertainment being provided by this Quintet of Fluffy Yellow Balls of Energetic and Playful Down, and in Witnessing this, I could “See” St. Joseph pick up the Precious “Babe” from the Hay and sit Him on the Divider in the Trough, separating the “Crib” portion of the Trough from the Drinking portion, allowing the Little Feet of the Little “Baby Jesus” to dangle down above the surface of the water.

Then I could “See” the Fluffy Little Ducklings, having spotted the Little pair of Holy Feet so Tantalisingly suspended above the water, all of them racing each other to reach the Divider, most amused and most keen to have a playful Peck at the Little “Pinkies” being Playfully presented to them as the Little “Baby Jesus” continued to Tease the Little Ducklings, as He kicked about Playfully whilst being propped up by His Heavenly Step Father, as the Little “Holy Infant”, sat on the edge of the Divider.

Then as I was taking in this scene of “Heavenly Innocence” of the Little “Baby Jesus” at Play, I could then “See” the “Holy Infant” look at me, with me still kneeling alongside the Trough, reaching out with His Left Hand and taking hold of the little finger of my right hand.

Having taken a firm hold of my little finger, I could then “See” the Little “Baby Jesus” promptly pull my little finger downwards in the direction of the Group of Ducklings that had all congregated around the Divider, and with the “Holy Infant” wearing a Cute, although I must say, I think also, almost a “Heavenly Cheeky” expression on His Heavenly Face, the “Holy Cherub” seemingly most “Generously” offered my little finger to the Fluffy Quintet, as a “Pecking Toy”, in place of His Little Feet and “Pinkies”!!!

If, indeed this was the Little “Cherubs” aim, then it certainly worked, as the entire group of little Ducklings most happily and gratefully accepted this most Generous Gift as they squabbled among each other as they, each and every one of them took their turns at Pecking at my finger, whilst the Little “Baby Jesus” simultaneously continued to Tantalisingly dangle His Little Feet above the surface of the water, also within Pecking Range, only to Deftly and Swiftly, kick them out of reach, just as any of the Ducklings attempted to take a Playful Peck at them.

On the other hand, I was not as “Smart” or as Deft as the Little “Baby Jesus”, as I failed to pull my finger out of reach of the “Pecking Ducklings”, and so my little finger continued on being a very welcome Toy for the Little Ducklings, and also provided a source of immense enjoyment to the now “Giggling” Little “Infant”, as He Squealed out His approval, as he continued on witnessing my little finger being gradually devoured, Peck by Peck at this little game of “Lets Peck a Finger” (at my cost, I may add)!!!

This little game, however, seemed to offer a great deal of amusement to all those present in the “Cavern-Stable” including St. Joseph, “Our Blesséd Mother”, the 7 Angels on the Natural Shelf, and even the rest of the animals in the Cavern, all of whom I could “See” seemed to Chuckle with Approval, although in all honesty more at the Pleasure that the Little “Baby Jesus” was enjoying, with only one present, that did not seem to be quite as enthusiastically amused, none other than, yours truly!

Nevertheless, the little game continued on until suddenly the Cavern Door opened, and there standing in the Doorway, I could “See” entering the “Cavern-Stable”, 2 Shepherds, both wearing Navy Blue coloured Hooded Cloaks, with one Shepherd who was only a young Teenager, probably in his late Teens, and the other much older, probably in his mid 40’s, in age.

As they entered the “Cavern-Stable”, a gust of Icy Wind and Snow entered the Cavern, so they quickly closed the Large Wooden Door behind them, leaving a small of trail of Snow Flakes falling onto the Cavern Floor around them, and on seeing the Shepherds enter the “Cavern-Stable”, I could “See” the Little “Baby Jesus” let go of my little finger (which thankfully I can report was still intact), as the “Holy Infant” looked most intently at the new arrivals.

Then I could “See” St. Joseph lift the Little “Baby Jesus” off the Divider and Place the Precious “Babe” onto the Hay in the “Trough-Crib”, and as He did so I could “See” “Our Blesséd Mother” beckon the 2 Shepherds to come closer to the “Trough-Crib”, and as they did so, the younger of the 2 Shepherds removed from under his cloak, a Baby Lamb, that all the while, had been nestled to his chest on his arms and under his cloak, and as he did so, I could “See” the young Shepherd then place the Infant Lamb on the Hay at the Little Feet of the “Holy Cherub”, and together with the older Shepherd, lay Prostrate on the Cavern Floor alongside the “Trough-Crib”, with such Reverence and Respect to their Heavenly King.

After a short while I could “See” the 2 Shepherds get up from the ground, and kneel alongside the “Trough-Crib” next to me, and as they did so I could “See” the Baby Lamb snuggle its little head under the Swaddling of the “Baby Jesus”, clearly in search of the “Holy Infants” Little Feet, and having found its “Prize”, I could “See” the Baby Lamb lay down on the Hay with only its hind legs and little Stump Visible, with the whole front portion of its body, well and truly Buried under the Swaddling.

Then after a few moments I could “See” some movement from under the Swaddling at the Foot of the “Baby Jesus”, with the “Holy Infant” “Giggling” out aloud in enjoyment, and then could “See” the Little “Babe” kick His Little Feet out from under the Swaddling, with the Baby Lamb in close attention Licking away playfully at the “Holy Infants” Little Feet, causing the “Holy Babe” to let out burst of “Shrieks” of Delight and Excitement, in the Process.

All the while, during this game of “Heavenly Innocence” and Beautiful Interaction between the “Heavenly Babe” and one of God’s Innocent Creatures, I could “See” St. Joseph and “Our Blesséd Mother”, who were both standing at the Head of the “Trough-Crib” Smiling at their Heavenly Child as they stood over Him watching Him at play, and I could “See” through the Mirror of their Eyes, that their Hearts and Souls were being Totally Filled with Heavenly “Joy” and “Happiness”, at witnessing this Heavenly Scene.

In the meantime, as this Heavenly Scene was unfolding before my very eyes, I noticed that the 7 Angels on the Natural Shelf behind St. Joseph, were offering up a Beautiful Rendition of Heavenly Carols amid the “Aromatic Suite” of Roses, that filled the air, matching the Sweetness of their Singing, which then inspired me at that very moment to bring into the “Cavern-Stable” with me, through my Heart and Soul, all of the Brothers and Sisters in Faith in Christ, of mine, Lay and Clerical alike, that I managed to speak to and asked Prayers from, to present them to, and Spiritually bind them to, the Holy Family in the “Cavern-Stable”, in this very Special Setting.

I could then “See” myself reaching down to take hold of the Little Right Hand of “Baby Jesus”, and as I took hold of His Little Hand, at that point I placed into His Little Hand from my Heart and Soul all of the Intentions in the Hearts and Souls of those same Brothers and Sisters in Faith in Christ, of mine, again Lay or Clerical alike, and also placed them into His Holy “Crib”, so that these Intentions could stay with Him, even as He Slept, during this most Special Time and in this most Sacred of Locations.

Then after a few moments of Heavenly Meditation and having taken in the “Awesome Magnitude” of this Divine and Heavenly Privilege afforded to me today, to me, such an “Unworthy Sinner”,  I could “See” St. Joseph look towards the Older Shepherd and I, both of us still kneeling alongside the “Trough-Crib”, and began speaking to us, saying;

“My Dear Brothers, on behalf of my Wife and Our baby ‘Jesus’, I would like to ‘Invite’ both of you to go out, and in turn ‘Invite’ as many others as you can, to Share in Our Heavenly Joy at the arrival of the Son of God, who has arrived to lead All of Mankind to the Heavenly Father, to enjoy Heavenly Happiness and Heavenly Joy, for all of Eternity.”

So in response to St. Joseph’s “Invitation”, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I get up, and could “See” St. Joseph removing His Lantern from the Natural Shelf behind Him, handing it to the older Shepherd, and both of us leaving the “Cavern-Stable” via the Large Wooden Door, and as we exited, a gust of Icy Wind and Snow blew into our faces, and with some effort, I closed the Door behind us, as we left.

I could then “See” the older Shepherd and I walking along a Narrow Path, both of us clearly Cold as we struggled to keep walking against the driving Icy Wind and Snow, both of us Praying our “Rosaries” together, along the way, with one single Lantern between us, to give us light as we walked in the darkness of the night.

Then as we came to the end of the Narrow Path, I could “See” that we had now entered into a Suburban Street, much like any Suburban street in any Suburb of Perth (Perth in Australia), but now it was very warm and found ourselves in Daylight, although it was starting to get dimmer, as it was now Dusk, and I could “See” that the sun was setting in the sky.

Then I could “See” the older Shepherd, who was carrying the Lantern, place it on the ground at the end of the Narrow Path, and as we started off walking along this Suburban Street, I could sense a most Foul Smell that had filled the air, the exact same “Putrid” Stench that I had been subjected to on my way to the “Bush Grotto” both yesterday and today, and I could then “See” myself searching for signs of “Rotting” Flesh, but to no avail,  as we walked along this Suburban Street.

Then I could “See” the older Shepherd and I walking up the driveway of one of the homes in this Suburban Street, and as we did so I could still sense this Foul Smell of “Rotting” Flesh around me, and was looking out for signs of a Decomposing corpse of a dead animal in the vicinity of this home, but again, to no avail.

As the Shepherd and I reached the front door, I could “Hear” loud music coming from the back of the property, and through the Fly-Wire Door and beyond the opened front Door, I could “See” beyond the open planned design of the house to the back of the property and onto the back Patio, beyond which I could “See” a Swimming Pool, and could “See” gathered in and around the Swimming Pool, and in and around the Patio, and around a Portable Gas Barbecue, a large gathering of people, eating and drinking, clearly in the midst of a Party or Celebration of some sort.

Then I could “See” the older Shepherd ring the Doorbell, but at first without response, as no doubt the Doorbell could not be heard above the loud music, but at the 3rd attempt, someone’s attention had now been captured, and this person came to the Door with a can of beer in his hand, but even as he was approaching the Door, I could still Sense the Foul Smell of “Rotting” Flesh in the air, this in spite of being able to smell the Appetizing Aroma’s of the meat cooking on the Barbecue.

Once the person who came to answer the Door arrived, clearly somewhat worse for wear, and under the influence of Alcohol, and with a laughter in his voice I could “Hear” him in a slurred voice and from behind the Fly-Wire Door speak to us, saying;

“Yea Mate, What’s the Problem?      Where’s the Fire?”

Then in response, I could “Hear” the Shepherd start talking, saying;

“Good evening Sir, please excuse our intrusion, but we have come to ‘Invite’ you and your friends to join the ‘Son of God’, that has been Born to........”

Then at this point, the Drunken man interrupted, and now with anger in his voice he retorted rather loudly;

“Get lost! Can’t you see that we’re enjoying ourselves.       What’s wrong with you two, don’t you know its Christmas.    We don’t want you and your Religious Rubbish to ruin our Christmas.        Now P*** Off, go and get a Bl*****  life.”

Then at this point I could “See” this man slam the door shut in our faces and from the behind the closed door I could “Hear” him screaming out in a loud voice;

“You can’t believe it.         Bl****  Bible Bashers and Religious Nuts at Bl*****  Christmas at the Door talking about Bl******  God or something.      What’s wrong with them, don’t they know its Bl***** Christmas?         You can’t believe it!!!”

Then I could “See” the older Shepherd and I walking down the driveway of this home, and as we did so I could “See” the older Shepherd drop into the Letterbox at the end of the driveway, a leaflet, that had some Information of the True Meaning and Importance of Christmas, for this man or anyone else in the house, to maybe Read and absorb at some time in the future.

I could then “See” the older Shepherd and I approaching a number of other Houses, knocking on each door with the same “Negative” Response as we had received from the First house that we had been to, and with each door that we knocked on, we would leave the same leaflet in their respective Letterboxes, but as we approached each of these Homes, I could still Sense the same “Putrid” Stench of “Rotting” Flesh, that by now was filling all of my Sinuses.

Then after numerous Rebuffs, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I walking towards a house, some distance down the Street, a House that was well and truly Decked out with many Christmas Lights all over the House, including its Roof that had both a Santa complete with Reindeers and a Sleigh, also Decked out with Christmas Lights, attached to the Roof, and with a large array of Christmas Lights woven around the Trees and Shrubs in the front Garden.

Then as the older Shepherd and I approached this particular House, I could “See” a group of young Children from between about 3 years of age, up to about 7 years of age, that were Playing on the front lawn with a variety of toys and a “Mini Playground” setting, that had been set up, and could “See”  a group of adults sitting on a Patio at the front of the House, all of them eating, drinking and smoking a variety of tobacco products and drugs.

Then as the older Shepherd and I reached the driveway of this Home, I could “See” a young man, probably in his late 20’s or early 30’s in age, who was in the process of retrieving a can of beer from a large “Esky” that was resting on the “Tailgate” of a rather Upmarket 4WD vehicle parked next to a sizable 18 to 20 Foot Motor Boat with Cabin, on a Trailer, both parked side by side on the driveway of this Home, and as the older Shepherd and I made our way up the driveway, I began to speak to this young man, saying;

“Happy Christmas my friend, to you, your family and your friends.”

At this point the young man shook my hand with one hand, whilst holding a Dripping can of cold beer, that he had only just retrieved from the Ice-Filled “Esky”, in the other hand, after which I continued speaking to him, saying;

“We have come to ‘Invite’ you, your family and friends to join ‘Baby Jesus’, who has been sent by the Heavenly Father as His only Son, to lead you, your family and friends and All of mankind, to the Heavenly Father, and to show you the way to the Heavenly Kingdom, in order that you may enjoy Eternal Joy and Happiness in Heaven.

You, your family and friends are All welcome, so if you would...........”

Then at this point I could “See” and “Hear” the young man wrench his hand from mine, and in a rather agitated and raised voice retorted by saying;

“What, are you for real mate?    Mate, it’s Christmas, don’t you know?

I’m not interested in Religious Rubbish, especially not now at Christmas.

Mate, I’ve been working 7 days a week, all hours, so that I can give my wife, my  kids and my friends a good Christmas, and its only now at Christmas that I’ve got any time to spend with my family, and I’m sure not going to give what precious little time I’ve got to any God or Religion, I simply haven’t got any time for such Rubbish.

Now if you don’t mind, I want to get back to what’s really important in life, and want to enjoy myself and the company of my kids and my friends, so get lost and leave us alone.”

So, somewhat dejected, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I leave the young man, and as we did we also left a leaflet in his Letterbox, as we had done with every Home that we had visited.

Once again, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I visiting many more Homes, again with the same “Negative” Response from every Home that we ventured to, and once again, everywhere we went I was continually being Tormented by the “Putrid” Smell of “Rotting” Flesh that was so Heavy in the Air, and which was filling all of my Sinuses, and in spite of my relentless search for a Decaying Carcass, in and around every Home we visited, my search was proving to be all in vain.

By now I could “See” that the Darkness had set in, as the sun had now well and truly set, and in the Darkness, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I approaching the last House in the Street, but as we reached the end of the driveway of this Home, I could “See” in the Darkness of the Street, but by the light in the Room from an open Window from the front of the House, a middle aged couple probably in their late 40’s in age, and through this open Window, I could also “Hear” them arguing and shouting at each other, about Finances, clearly under some sort of Financial Stress, and not wishing to intrude on them at this difficult moment for them, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I begin to turn away to continue on walking by.

However, just at that point, the man came to the window, and I could “See” and “Hear” him from the window beginning to shout out at the older Shepherd and I, saying;

“What do you want? You want a show, do you?        You want to enjoy our misery, do you?”

Then in response, I could “Hear” the older Shepherd speak to the man, saying;

“We are sorry if we have offended you.    We didn’t want to disturb you, especially in your hour of sadness.

We were only going to share with you the Good News of the Birth of the ‘Son of God’, but when we saw you.........”

Then at this point with the man, still standing at the open Window, I could “Hear” him screaming out at us;

“God, what Bl***** God!     It’s not Bl******  God we want, it’s money we want, it’s only money we want!”

Then at this point the man turned away, and as he did so he I could “Hear” him continuing to mutter to himself;

Bl****  God, Bl***** God.        What Bl*****  idiots believing in a Bl***** God when it’s money we need, not Bl*****  God.!!!”

So, with a deep sense of sadness, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I drop a leaflet into his Letterbox, and as we had now reached the end of this Street, totally dejected at our Abysmal failure to achieve even a single acceptance of “Our Blesséd Mother’s” and St. Joseph’s “Invitation” to “Visit” the “Baby Jesus”, we were about to return to the Narrow Path and back to the “Cavern-Stable”, when I noticed a Crucifix on the Roof of a Building in the distance, at the end of the Street.

Feeling sure that this building was probably a Church, although at this point I could not “See” it clearly in the Darkness of the night, I then turned to the older Shepherd  saying to him;

“Let us go and see if that is a Church at the end of the Street, and if it is, let us go and ‘Visit’ Our Blesséd Lord in the ‘Tabernacle’, and Pray to Him, and ‘Our Blesséd Mother’ to help give us Greater Strength of Spirit and Faith.”

So, now somewhat elated at the prospect of seeing Our Blesséd Lord, before heading back to the “Cavern-Stable”, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I suddenly gain a bit of a Spring in our steps, as we headed towards the Building that I thought could be a Church.

Then as we reached the Building, much to our delight, we found that indeed it was a Church, but then almost immediately our Spirits were again Dampened, when on arrival we found the Church in total Darkness with the Wrought Iron Gates to the entrance Padlocked, preventing us entry into the grounds, let alone the Church itself.

So now, freshly Dejected, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I, slowly make our way to the beginning of the Narrow Path at the now far end of the Street, and on reaching the Narrow Path, I could “See” the older Shepherd pick up the Lantern that he had left at the beginning of the Narrow Path earlier, and could “See” the older Shepherd and I, now back in the Icy Cold Wind and Snow, head back along the Narrow Path in the Darkness of the night, Praying our “Rosaries” together, along the way, wondering how we were going to break the bad news of our “Dismal” Failure, to The Holy Family.

Finally we reached the Cavern Door, Cold and Dejected, and as we entered the “Cavern-Stable”, I could “See” St. Joseph and “Our Blesséd Mother” standing at the head of the “Trough-Crib” with the “Baby Jesus” fast Asleep on the Hay, with the young Shepherd kneeling alongside the “Trough-Crib” and I could “See” “Our Blesséd Mother” looking so Lovingly at the older Shepherd and I, almost as if She knew how Dejected we were feeling at that very moment, and welcomed us, beckoning us to come closer to Her “Holy Infant” and to adore Him.

Then as we approached the “Trough-Crib”, I could “See” and “Hear” the 7 Angels waving their Single Red Rose in their Hands, whilst singing their Beautiful Music at the same time, and as they did so, I suddenly realised that the “Putrid” Smell that had taken over my senses of smell and my Sinuses in the Street that we had just come from, this “Putridity” had now been replaced by the most Beautiful and Sweet Fragrance of Roses and “Heavenly Aroma” of the Purity of Divine Love, that had now filled the entire Cavern from the Roof to the Floor.

Then I could “See” the older Shepherd and I kneeling alongside the “Trough-Crib”, and could “See” that I was feeling extremely upset, and choking up with emotion and with tears in my eyes, I began to speak to St. Joseph and “Our Blesséd Mother”, saying;

“I am so sorry that we have failed you.         

We have failed to attract anyone to accept your ‘Invitation’ to ‘Visit’ the ‘Baby Jesus’.

Please forgive for us for having failed you.”

Then in response I could “See” and “Hear” “Our Blesséd Mother” turn to the older Shepherd and I, saying;

“It is not you who have ‘Failed’ us.     

It is those you had spoken to you who most sadly have ‘Failed’ themselves.

I, their Heavenly Mother and My Belovéd Son, Jesus, do not, and will not ‘Force’ anyone to come to meet their Saviour, We only ‘Invite’ My Children of the World to do so.

They should only accept the ‘Invitation’ at their own will.

Do not Despair, for you ‘Have’ succeeded in your Mission, that of ‘Obedience’ to your Heavenly Mother.      

I Love you both and Bless you both.”

Then at this point “Our Blesséd Mother” stepped forward and gave both of us Her Blessing, after which I again found myself at the Foot of the Cross of Our Blesséd Lord at Calvary, together with “Our Blesséd Mother”, with both of us Looking up at Our Blesséd Lord with the Large “Eucharistic Host” still covering His Chest, and as was the case in yesterday’s “Vision”, after a few moments, the Large “Eucharistic Host” disappeared, only to expose His “Excoriated” Chest, and then I could “See” Our Blesséd Lord Smiling down at “Our Blesséd Mother” and I, from His Cross, at which point the “Vision” for today came to its Conclusion.

At the end of today’s “Vision”, I again replaced my Cross onto my back and as soon as I stood up with the Cross on my back, the Swarm of “March Flies”, as they had done yesterday, flew, En Masse, from their adopted location, Hovering above the Fallen Tree behind the “Bush Grotto”, and Descended upon my Cross and me, and remained with me, until I finally removed the Cross at the end of today’s “Stations of the Cross”, at which point, just as was the case yesterday, the entire Swarm simply Dispersed and Disappeared.

Much relieved at the retreat of the “March Flies”, I then continued on with the Prayer Vigil until 9.00 P.M., as requested of me by “Our Blesséd Mother”, after which I returned home to care for my ailing wife for the night.


I pray, O Holy Mother of God, that those who choose to Read or Hear Your Messages, will receive them with Your Blessings, and that their Heart’s too, will be filled with Your Graces and Love.