Pray for me O Holy Mother of God, that I, your Humble Servant, will carry out, Your requests, with True and Unfailing Faith in You, and Your Blesséd Son, Jesus Christ.


27th December 2008, 3nd Day-Christmas 2008,

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

After yesterday’s Frightening experience with “Satan”, I was almost Paranoiac, right from the word go, as I made my way this morning, to the “Bush Grotto” for today the 3rd Day of Prayer Vigils with “Our Blesséd Mother”, for this Christmas.

“Our Blesséd Mother’s” Advice for me to be “Vigilant” was, by now, so strongly “Branded” in my “Consciousness”, so much so, that almost every noise, even Natural noises such that of Birds Chirping, Leaves and Twigs dropping to the ground and even the sounds of Bush vegetation Rustling in the intermittent breeze, all of these Natural sounds, were almost making me jump to an extreme height of Alertness, in case it should be “Satan”  making an appearance, once again.

So, step by step, noise by noise, I inched my way along the Bush Track on my way to the “Bush Grotto”, but thankfully without incident, up until I finally reached what I now have Identified in my mind the “Danger Area”, namely the “Wetlands Area”, the area where “Satan” has chosen to Launch his “Diabolical” Attacks on me, both during last Christmas, and now during this current Christmas, to date.

Then as I, with a great deal of hesitancy, walked past the spot where “Satan” had knocked me over with his “Trail Bike” only yesterday morning, I nearly jumped out of my skin, as suddenly, to the right of me from the Scrub of the “Wetlands Area”, I heard a heavy series of Sounds, and felt my Heart most Painfully jump in my Chest as I saw, from the corner of my eyes, a number of figures appear from the Scrub.

However, at closer inspection, I found that it was only a group of Kangaroos that had clearly been disturbed by the noise being made by my Heavy Dragging footsteps, as I Trekked along the Gravel surface of the Track, and having been disturbed by me, they all jumped up from their resting place in the Scrub and “Hopped” across the Track in front of me, in order, no doubt, to find a more Peaceful spot to continue on with their rest.

After having recovered from this latest Shock, I continued on walking, albeit even more cautiously than ever, through the “Wetlands Area”, still Listening out for, and Looking out for anything that I could Identify as coming from “Satan” or even worse, his very Presence itself, when about 300 metres ahead of me, I could see a sizable Snake that appeared to be curled up, and right in the middle of the Track.

Having noticed this Snake ahead of me, and at the same time being able to Rationalise in my mind, that this was not, what I would describe as a “Normal” behaviour pattern of what appeared to me to be a Dugite Snake, bearing in mind that the Temperature was relatively cool for this type of Snake, it being only about 20-22° Centigrade at the time, and because the Snake was in an extremely Vulnerable position being totally exposed to its natural Predators, namely the Parrots and Birds of Prey such as Kestrels and Falcons, all of this immediately raised my Suspicions,  and this in turn, due to my state of heightened Alertness.

Then remembering how “Satan” had “Transformed” the “Gyulai” Sausages into a group of Snakes, only yesterday, I quite naturally approached this particular Snake, with an even Deeper sense of Suspicion, than would normally be the case, just in  case, and as a precaution, that this might be some sort of “Demonic Trickery” of “Satan’s”, and as I neared the Snake, I could see that it was indeed a Dugite, and once I was about 1 metre away from it, I noticed that it had, about midway along the length of its body, what looked like a slight Bulge in its body.

Then as I bent down to take a closer look at the Snake, to determine whether it was Dead or Alive, the Snake, lifted its head up slightly to take a look at me, and so with my walking stick, I gently pushed its head in the direction of the Scrub at the edge of the Track to Direct and Guide it towards the Safety and Shelter of the Scrub, in order to offer it protection against its Predators.

The Snake then sluggishly uncurled itself and slowly but reluctantly slithered its approximately 1½ to 2 Metre length body into the Scrub and as it did so, I could see from the Bulge roughly midway down its body, that it had only just recently had a “Feed”, and so I deduced that in all probability it happened to be resting, just at this point in time of my arrival, in order to allow it to digest its recent “Feed”, which would have offered a Plausible explanation for its “Unusual” behaviour in being located where it was, lying in the middle of the Track and dangerously, for itself at least, exposed to its Predators.

Having satisfied myself that the appearance of this Snake was not a “Demonic Trickery” of “Satan”, as I initially had feared, I felt a deep sense of Relief, as I now continued to Trek along the Track through the “Wetlands Area”, when all of a sudden, from an open area of “Cleared” land about 100 metres ahead of me, I could see a “Willy-Willy” (a Natural weather feature of Swirling Warm Air, much like a Mini-Tornado) forming in the centre of this “Clearing”, lifting up into the centre of its “Spiral”, loose dirt, sand and loose leaves that were lying on the ground in its Path.

Having spotted the “Willy-Willy”, but before I could think of where to move to step out of its intended Path, the “Will-Willy” headed straight for me, and in trying to avoid it, and without first looking, I quickly and instinctively stepped backwards, in the direction of the Scrub at the edge of the Track in order to avoid the “Willy-Willy” and found myself stepping into a disused  “Well” that had been in this Area for as long as I can remember, and which thankfully, had only recently been mainly filled in, so that I was only submerged, up to my knees.

Then, still somewhat Dazed, I tried to get my bearings and attempted to recover my composure following this sudden Mishap, I then noticed that the “Will-Willy” was still heading towards me, with me now partially trapped in the “Well”, then all of a sudden the “Willy-Willy” seemed to come to a sudden halt right in front of me, with me still stranded up to my knees in the “Well”, and to my Shock and Horror, suddenly emerging from out of the Spiral Centre of the “Willy-Willy” I could see “Satan”, who stepped onto the edge of “Well”, standing over me, with me still knee deep in the “Well”, and Laughing so Hideously at me and at my Plight.

Then I could see that in his hands “Satan” was holding 2 Trays of Food, exactly as he had done on Christmas Day, one tray with the freshly cooked Leg of Smoked Ham and in the other a tray of freshly baked Bread Rolls, both trays emitting a most Appetizing Aroma that instantly played Havoc with my Taste Buds and hunger Pangs.

Then “Satan”, as he had done over the past 2 days, thrust the Food, still on the trays, into my face and under my nose and began Taunting me, saying;

“Now come on, don’t be Stubborn and Stupid, come on and eat this food that I am so generously offering you.

You don’t need to deny yourself what you and I both know that you really like.

Look how tasteful it looks and see how beautiful it smells, so come on, take it, I’ve bought it Specially for you”

Then, again as was the case yesterday, I was so, so sorely Tempted, particularly as my hunger seemed to be at fever Pitch, not having eaten any food now for over 4 weeks, which naturally I knew only too well that “Satan” was fully aware of, hence his Relentless and Determined Torments being thrown at me, but I now reacted by crying out to “Our Blesséd Mother”, although I feel far more out of Desperation, than in True Hope and Faith.

“Dear Blesséd Mother, Please help me, Please help me?”

Then “Satan” still holding the 2 trays of food close to my face and my nose in particular, Mockingly retorted;

“You Fool, that woman isn’t going to help you, only I can do that.

She will only starve you and make you Suffer.

What sort of person can make you Suffer like this, denying you the food that you so much like, and then say that they Love you?

That woman doesn’t Love you, how can she if she is going to make you Suffer so much?

Are you that blind that you can’t see that she only hates you, despises you, wanting to slowly destroy you, a true enemy.

I am your ‘True Friend,’ and care for you, as you can see, as I bring you food and bring you what you want, what you truly deserve, unlike that woman who only offers you, and brings you Pain and Suffering.”

Then with a Strength that I know full well is not my own Natural Strength, I lifted my arm that had received an injury in the Fall into the “Well”, and with a Resolve, which again is not Natural to me, and amidst the severe hunger Pangs that I was right at this point experiencing, I pushed away the trays of Food from under my nose, and with the “Rosary” wrapped around my right hand, I thrust the “Rosary” in the direction of “Satan’s” face, and in a Determined and somewhat Raised voice, I said to “Satan”;

“You liar, you liar Satan.     My ‘Blesséd Mother’ has not ‘Made’ me Suffer nor has She ‘Made’ me Fast and go without Food, or ‘Made’ me offer up the Sacrifices that I have been offering up.

No Satan, you are a liar, because I ‘Chose’ to do these things, and this because I ‘Chose’ to accept the ‘Invitation’ from my ‘Blesséd Mother’ to do these things.

It is true that it is not ‘My’ Natural Desire to carry out this Heavenly sent ‘Invitation’, but the ‘Invitation’ itself is the ‘Will’ of the Heavenly Father, a ‘Heavenly Will’ which is for the purpose of Good, Heavenly Good.

My Natural Desire, that you keep on reminding me of, is your ‘Will’, a ‘Will’ of ‘Evil’, which I know has only one sole purpose, that of the destruction of ‘Souls’.

It is you, Satan, and your ‘Evil Will’, that if I were to choose to accept, that would destroy me, and not the ‘Will’ of my ‘Blesséd Mother’, as you keep on saying.

The ‘Will’ of my ‘Blesséd Mother’ which is also the ‘Will’ of the Heavenly Father, is to Save me, but more importantly to Save my Soul.

So, leave me Satan, I won’t allow you to force your ‘Will’ on me, just go and leave me alone.”

Then “Satan” fell into a Rage, with his eyes becoming inflamed and Red as Fire in colour, and in this Totally Enraged state and Anger, he threw the trays of Food into the “Well” at my feet and in a Loud Shrieking voice he Screamed out;

“I will destroy you for your Insolence, for your refusal to accept my kindness to you, for your refusal to accept my kind Friendship and for your refusal to accept me.

Suffer, you Stupid Self Righteous Fool, Suffer!!”

Then as “Satan” screamed with Rage at me, I looked down on the ground at my feet and, as was the case over the past 2 days, I could see that the Leg of Smoked Ham had now been “Transformed” into a freshly Slaughtered Leg of Pork, and again as over the past 2 days, the Skin of the Pork burst open, and oozing out from the opening was the Slimy Green Excretion from the Decaying and Rotting Flesh, and once again there was a Large quantity of Large Maggots that were Swimming in this Slimy Green Excretion, that once again, as they had done over the past 2 days, instantly hatched from their “Pupae” Stage, releasing a Swarm of “March Flies” that again, Swarmed around my face.

Then, as was the case over the past 2 days, this Slimy Green Excretion, emitted a “Putrid” Stench of Rotting and “Putrefying” Flesh that very rapidly filled my nose and Sinuses, instantly setting on the Nausea and Splitting Headaches that I had experienced over the past 2 days.

On this occasion, however, unlike what happened on Christmas day, the tray of freshly baked Bread now Rolls, had been “Transformed” into a mound of Bull Ants that quickly began to climb up my legs, which thankfully were protected by the Track Suit Pants, that I put on in order to offer my legs some form protection against the “March Flies”, that even before I left home this morning, I had anticipated that I might be having an encounter with today.

Nevertheless, now with the Bull Ants as well as the “March Flies”, both sets of insects now having launched an “Attack” on me, I tried as quickly as I could to climb out of the “Well”, and in the process, I noticed that “Satan” had disappeared.

Having successfully Struggled out of the “Well”, with the Bull Ants rapidly climbing up my legs towards the upper part of my body, I began Franticly “Stomping” my feet and brushing the ants off my legs and my waist, whilst at the same time trying to protect my face against the Stings of the “March Flies” as they persisted to Swarm around my head and face, continuing on with the “Stomping” and “Arm Waving”, as  I continued to Trek along the Track towards the “Bush Grotto”.

Thankfully, by the time I had reached the far end of the “Wetlands Area”, I had managed to brush off most of the Bull Ants, but the “March Flies” on the other hand, persisted to Swarm around me, Buzzing away loudly around my head and stayed in Tow all the way to the “Bush Grotto”, as they had done over the past 2 days.

Once again as was the case over the past 2 days, in spite of “Satan’s” Antics, and by the Grace of God, and the Intercession of “Our Blesséd Mother” from all the Masses and Prayers that had been offered up for me, I managed to arrive at the “Bush Grotto” with a few minutes to spare, and on my arrival, the “March Flies”, once again, left me and headed for their adopted location, and remained Hovering above the Fallen Tree behind the “Bush Grotto”.

On my arrival, I joined “Our Blesséd Mother” with the Praying of the “Angelus”, to open up the 9 Hour Prayer Vigil, for today, the 3rd and Final day of the 3 Day Prayer Vigils with “Our Blesséd Mother” for this Christmas.

Then after an Event-Free 3 hours of Prayers, I again prepared myself to join “Our Blesséd Mother” for the “Stations of The Cross” for today, by firstly offering up the 3 O’Clock Prayers for the Divine Mercy, after which I read out the names on my Prayer List for Whom and for Whose Intentions “Our Blesséd Mother” has “Invited” me to offer up this Sacrifice, and for Whom and for Whose Intentions “Our Blesséd Mother” has “Invited” me to Carry my Cross, in the process.

After the completion of the Reading out of the names in my Prayer List, I then proceeded to place my Cross on my back, and as soon as I stood up with the Cross on my back, the Swarm of “March Flies”, left their adopted location, Hovering above the Fallen Tree behind the “Bush Grotto”, and just as they had done over the past 2 days, Swarmed around my Cross and around me, but again, around my head and face, in particular, staying in Tow from Station to Station, right up until the 12th Station, at which point I removed my Cross to receive the “Vision” for today.

Once again, as had been the case over the past 2 days, as soon as I had removed the Cross off my back, the entire Swarm of “March Flies”, again En Masse, left me and re-located themselves to their adopted location, Hovering above the Fallen Tree behind the “Bush Grotto”.

Having removed my Cross, I then lay Prostrate in front of the “Bush Grotto”, and almost instantly as I lay down “Our Blesséd Mother” sent down on me the Promised “Visual Image”, which again, has now become the norm, started off as the Standard “Visual Image” as described in (Message No. 17 “The ‘Agony’ of Christ”), and as was the case in yesterday’s “Vision”, I could “See” “Our Blesséd Mother” and I kneeling at the Foot of the Our Blesséd Lord’s Cross on Calvary, Witnessing and Sharing in His “Agonising” Suffering.

Then after some time, as was the case during the “Visions” over the past 2 days, a Large “Eucharistic Host” appeared on the Sacred Chest of Our Blesséd Lord, and soon after the appearance of Large “Eucharistic Host”, the Large “Eucharistic Host” opened up and I could then “See” myself in the “Cavern-Stable” kneeling alongside the “Trough-Crib” in the “Cavern-Stable”, with St. Joseph and “Our Blesséd Mother” standing over the “Baby Jesus” at the head of the “Trough-Crib”, admiring the sleeping Bundle of “Heavenly Joy”.

In the “Cavern-Stable” I could also “See” the 2 Shepherds that had arrived in yesterday’s “Vision” also kneeling alongside the “Trough-Crib” next to me, totally Mesmerised by the Heavenly Aura that was Radiating from the Heavenly “Cherub”, as He lay Asleep on the Hay, and could also “See” the 7 Angels that were kneeling on the Natural Shelf behind St. Joseph, each holding the single Red Rose in their hands, and could “Hear” the Magnificent Rendition of Heavenly Music that they were singing with so much Joy in their Hearts, surrounded by the Beautiful Array of Apricot, Canary and White coloured Roses, on the Natural Shelf around them, that in turn Filled the entire “Cavern-Stable” with the most Pleasant and Sweet Heavenly Fragrance of “Aromatic” Purity and Divinity.

Then as the “Cavern-Stable” Reverberated with the Heavenly Music from this “Angelic Septet”, on the Natural Shelf behind St. Joseph, I could “See” “Our Blesséd Mothers” Beautiful Large Blue Eyes begin to Moisten with Tears of “Heavenly Joy”, Enhancing the Heavenly Beauty of Her youthful Olive Complexion, so Striking for such a young Mother, with Her entire Smooth Skinned Face Totally Radiating with a Glow of Divine Purity and Innocence that so perfectly matched the Heavenly Reflection of Her Immaculate Heart, that could be Seen showing through the Droplets of Tears, Tears of “Heavenly Joy” that filled Her Beautiful youthful Eyes, as She so Lovingly Gazed upon Her  Heavenly “Newborn”, as He in turn Lay Asleep on the Hay in His “Trough-Crib” so Lovingly prepared for Him by His Holy Step Father.

Then, after a short while, I could “See” and “Hear” “Our Blesséd Mother” turn to the older Shepherd and I, and began to speak us, saying;

“My Dear Faithful Children, I your Heavenly Mother ‘Invite’ you, on behalf of My ‘Holy Child’, to go out again today and in turn ‘Invite’ as many others that you can find, to Come and ‘See’ My ‘Heavenly Child’ and to Pray with Him, here at this most Sacred Place of His Birth, a place of Heavenly Refuge, detached and empty of ‘All’ Worldly Comforts, but Filled instead with Heavenly Peace, Hope and Joy”

So, in response to “Our Blesséd Mother’s” Heavenly “Invitation”, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I getting up from alongside the “Trough-Crib”, where we had been kneeling, whilst Adoring and Admiring the “Baby Jesus”, and bending over His “Trough-Crib”, I could “See” first the older Shepherd and then myself giving the Sleeping “Holy Cherub” a little Peck on His Little Forehead, and then as we made our way to the Cavern Door, I could “See” St. Joseph, handing over to the older Shepherd His Lantern, after which I opened the Large Wooden Door letting in a brief Gust of Icy Wind and Snow into the “Cavern-Stable” in the process, as we in turn exited the Cavern, shutting the Door behind us, as we left.

Then as was the case in yesterday’s “Vision”, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I both arm in arm, attempting to give each other a little Warmth and Protection against the now Bitterly Cold Icy Wind and Driving Snow, Praying our “Rosaries” together as we weaved our way along the Narrow Path with the one Lantern offering us some Light in the Darkness of the Bitterly Cold night.

Then as we reached the end of the Narrow Path, I could “See” that the older Shepherd and I had once again found ourselves in the same Suburban Street as we had been to in yesterday’s “Vision”, but now, in total contrast to the Darkness and Icy Cold Conditions that we had just experienced along the Narrow Path from The “Cavern-Stable”, and as was the case in yesterday’s “Vision”, we now found ourselves in the Warmth of the evening Summer Sunset in this Suburban Street.

However, as was the case in yesterday’s “Vision”, as soon as the older Shepherd and I had entered into this Suburban Street, I was engulfed by the same “Putrid” Stench of “Rotting” Flesh, that almost instantly filled my nose and Sinuses making me feel  quite Nauseas in the Process.

On entering into this same Suburban Street that we had visited in yesterday’s “Vision”, I could “See” the older Shepherd once again place the Lantern on the ground at the junction of the Narrow Path and this Street, and then could “See” both of us proceed to walk along the Street, and as we did, I noticed that there was an almost “Eerie” Silence in the air, as we again visited the same Homes as we had done in yesterday’s “Vision”, only to find so many either empty, totally vacated or unoccupied, with the gardens of a number of the properties, most unkempt, with some of them with their plants, shrubs and even, in  many instances, with their Lawns also, clearly dying, from neglect.

I could also “See” many of the Homes, occupied or unoccupied alike, unkempt and still in reasonable condition alike, with “For Sale” Signs erected on their front Lawns, all of which seemed to create a positive air of “Gloom”, this, in total contrast to the atmosphere of “Partying” and “Jollity”, that was seemingly apparent in yesterday’s “Vision”.

Then I could “See” the older Shepherd and I approach the House where there had been a Barbecue Party in progress on the backyard Patio and around the Swimming Pool, that we had visited in yesterday’s “Vision”, and as we reached the front Door, I could “See” the older Shepherd ring the Doorbell and could “See” the same person that answered the Door when we had visited in yesterday’s “Vision”, open the Door, but this time this man had a very Sullen look on his face, and seeing who was at the Door, I could “Hear” him say;

“Not you again, I’ve already told you we don’t want to know your God.    What is he to me?”

Then I could “Hear” the older Shepherd in reply, saying;

“Sir, the ‘Baby Jesus’, the ‘Son of God’, really loves you so deeply, and if you would but ‘Choose’ to turn to Him, He can and will offer you help, if only...........”

Then at this point the man interrupted the older Shepherd, saying;

“Help!       What help?       Can he pay my Mortgage?       Can he get me my job back?

Can he pay off my Credit Card Debts?”

Then I could “See” the older Shepherd and I looking into this poor man’s eyes with such Sadness, as the man continued to say;

“Didn’t think so.        You’re God is no use to me if he can’t give me what I want.

I want Money, only money, money is all I want.”

Then the older Shepherd looked most compassionately into this poor man’s eyes and began saying;

“No, my friend, Our Blesséd Lord will not give you what you ‘Want’, for He loves you so Dearly and He knows that what you ‘Want’ will only Destroy your Soul.

However, He will so Lovingly give you what you ‘Need’, for He knows that what you ‘Need’ will save you and oh so importantly will save your Soul.”

Then I could “See” this Poor man look with such immense Sadness into the older Shepherds face, and slowly he closed the Front Door and locked it, leaving the older Shepherd and I standing most Saddened at the now closed Door, then I could “See” both of us walking down the driveway and away from the House feeling so Frustrated for not being able to help this poor unfortunate man.

I could then “See” the older Shepherd and I continue to visit one house after another, again with same result as earlier with either no one at home, or otherwise vacant or empty of occupants, until we arrived at the House that had been Liberally Decked out with Christmas Decorations, and where the young Children had been playing in the front garden, that we had visited in yesterday’s “Vision”.

On arriving at this House I could “See” the young man that I had been speaking to at the back of his 4WD vehicle, in yesterday’s “Vision”, as he was now kneeling on the ground behind his 4WD vehicle, sobbing quite loudly as he was attending to a hose pipe that he was attaching to the exhaust pipe of the vehicle.

Fearing that this young man was in the process of attempting a possible “Murder-Suicide”, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I hurriedly make our way up the driveway of this Home, hoping that we could help prevent a possible Tragedy, but as we reached the vehicle, I could “See”, much to my Horror, a young Woman Slumped in a sitting position against the passenger door on the back seat, behind the Front passenger seat, with her head resting against the window of the door, and with 3 young Children between about 3 and 5 years of age, all 3 Slumped in a laying position in the woman’s lap with her right arm resting limply on the head of the youngest child, but with all of them Motionless and Limp, either in a Deep Sleep or even more Tragically, already Deceased.

Then I could “See” myself trying to compose myself from the Shock of what I was witnessing and could “Hear” me talking to the young man, saying to him;

“My friend, please listen to me, you don’t need to take such drastic action.

All you need to do is place your Trust in the ‘Baby Jesus’, the ‘Son of God’, for He can and will help you, if you would but ‘Choose’ to turn to Him, for I know that He Loves you and your family more than you or I could ever know.”

Then choking up with tears, the young man looked up at me, still kneeling on the ground behind his vehicle, and in a voice Trembling with Despair, I could “Hear” him saying in reply;

“What can your Baby Jesus do for me now?        Can he bring back my family?        

Can he give me back my job?        Can he stop the bank taking away my home?

Can he pay the kids School Fees?     What sort Son of God is he, who has let me work 7 days a week to give my family and kids a good life, a good quality of life, the best of everything, best clothes, best luxuries, best food, best Car, best Boat, not wanting for anything, buying them only the best that money can buy, and then after all of that, let the bank take it all away from me?

What sort of God is he?”

Then I could “See” and “Hear” me with deep, deep Sadness in my heart, get to one knee, and placing my right hand on his left shoulder, I began speaking to him, saying;

“My, friend, oh how ‘Saddened’ I am to see that you do not understand that everything that you say is yours, and think that is yours, this House, this Car, this Boat and all of the possessions that you feel that are yours, none of these things are yours.

They belong to the bank, it is the Property of the bank, because it is the bank that has Payed for them, through the money that they had ‘Lent’ you to purchase them with.

Sadly they are simply taking back what they own, because you are unable to repay them what you owe them, for the purchase of all of these possessions.

But, my friend, you have a Life, your family, they have Lives, that were given to you and to them as a Wonderful ‘Gift’ from the Heavenly Father, a ‘Gift’ far more precious than all of the Worldly Possessions that are being taken away from you now and from anyone else around the world, all of these Possessions put together, and yet you now are preparing to take these Lives, these Wonderful and Precious ‘Gifts’, away from the Heavenly Father.

If you would but ‘Choose’ to turn to God, and His only Son, he will provide you and your family with your ‘Needs’.

He will not, however, provide you with your ‘Wants’ that you so, so sadly mistakenly feel are your Possessions, but He will provide you with what He knows to be ‘Good’ for you and your family.”

Then in reply, I could “See” and “Hear” the young man, with an element of agitation in his voice, saying;

“I don’t want for me and my family what you’re God wants to give me, I want what is mine, everything I’ve been working for, my House, my Car, my Boat, all of my Possessions that I’ve worked all of the hours under the Sun for, and if the Bl****  bank is going to ‘Steal’ from me what ‘Belongs’ to me, then the lives of my family should be on their conscience and not on mine.

It’s the bank that are responsible for taking my families lives away, and not mine, it’s the bank who are taking everything away from my family, not me, and if they stop me from giving my family what I want to give them, then there is nothing for my family, and nothing for me to live for.

No-one can stop me doing what I know is right, for my family and for me, not even your God, unless your God can give me back all of my possessions, then your God is of no use to me or my family.

My possessions belong to me and not to those Ba*******ds in the bank.”

Then, with an immense Heaviness in my own Heart for this young man and his family I could “Hear” myself saying to him;

“My friend, you can still make the ‘Choice’ of the Love of ‘God’ over the ‘Hatred’ that you feel in your heart for the bank.

You can still make the ‘Choice’ of the Love and Mercy of ‘God’ and His only Son in the ‘Baby Jesus’, towards your life and the lives of your family.

The ‘Baby Jesus’ and His Heavenly Mother ‘Invite’ you and your family to enjoy the Hope and Love that can only be found in Heaven, over the Earthly Despair and Suicide, which can only separate you from the Heavenly Father for Eternity.”

However, in spite of my attempts at encouraging him to accept the Love of God in his heart, I could “See” and “Hear” the young man become increasingly agitated, and with Despair and Anger in his eyes, he retorted, by saying;

“Look mate, I don’t care what you say about you’re God and his son or whoever, I’ve made up my mind.

I’ve made my choice and because I can’t have my possessions back, leave me to do what I have chosen to do.

It’s my choice and not yours, it’s my life and not yours.

So get lost and leave me alone.”

So, with a great feeling of Deep Sorrow, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I walking down the Driveway as we left this most unfortunate and sad young man, Praying, in the meantime, to Our Blesséd Lord for Him to pour out His Divine Mercy over this poor troubled young man and his family, still not totally sure of their Fate.

Then dejected as we were, I could “See” the older Shepherd and I continue to visit many more homes, again finding them all vacant, unoccupied or simply no-one at home, but I noticed that the “Putrid” Stench of “Rotting” Flesh that filled my nose and Sinuses on our arrival in the Suburban Street, was still with me everywhere we went.

Eventually, I could “See” that the older Shepherd and I had reached the last House in the Street, the same House where the Middle-Aged couple had been arguing at the open Front Window, in yesterday’s “Vision”, and as the older Shepherd knocked on the Door, the man answered the Door, with a tear in his eyes, and recognising us, invited both of us in.

I could then “See” the man leading us into his lounge room where his wife was sitting at the kitchen table, with her head in her hands and crying, and when she saw the older Shepherd and I, she stood up, with tears streaming down her face, and I could “See” her embracing firstly the older Shepherd, and then embracing me, but as she was embracing the older Shepherd, I had noticed that she was holding in her left hand the Leaflet that the older Shepherd and I had left in the Letterbox, when we had visited this couple in yesterday’s “Vision”, and having tearfully embraced us, the woman invited the older Shepherd and I to sit down, and speaking to us I could “Hear” her saying;

“O thank you so much, for coming back.          We’ve read your Leaflet over and over again, but so much want to know, can God really help us?

We are so much in debt, and my husband and I have been arguing so much about this, because I have been telling him for so long that we don’t need all of these luxuries.”

Then I could “See” the woman pointing out to the Shepherd and I, a Large Screen Plasma T.V., a brand new very expensive looking Lounge Room Suite and Dining Suite and host of Appliances in and around what looked like a newly built Open-Plan Kitchen Suite.

Then I could “Hear” the woman continue to speak, saying;

“What with all of this  and the 2 new cars, and now with the Children living their own lives, I have been saying for so long, we don’t need all of this.

I was more than happy with our old Kitchen, old Lounge and Dining Furniture and our old T.V. and cars.”

Then at this point, I could “See” and “Hear” the husband interrupt, saying;

“But, I wanted to give my wife the best of everything, especially now that we are alone again.

When the Children were growing up and living with us I couldn’t afford to give my wife the Luxuries of life, and all I’ve ever wanted is the best of everything for my wife, and now we stand to lose it all.

What can I do now?           Please tell me what can I do?”

So in reply I could “See” and “Hear” the older Shepherd turning to the husband, saying;

“Tell me, do you Love your Wife?    I mean really Love your Wife, love her enough to give her what she really needs, more so than what she wants?”

I could then “See” the husband momentarily pausing, clearly thinking about the question that had just been posed to him, and in reply I could “Hear” him respond, saying;

“Yes, of course I do, that’s why I have created such a debt for all of this.”

Then I could “Hear” the older Shepherd again speak to the husband, saying;

“All that you have bought, was it bought because your Wife wanted all of this, or was it because you wanted all of this for your Wife?”

Then in reply I could “Hear” the husband saying;

“It was because I wanted it for my Wife.”

Then I could “Hear” the older Shepherd continue to speak to the husband, saying;

“Now that is the point to my question, it is because, it is what you wanted for your Wife, and yet she has been saying that she has been happy with what she had before, because she could see that what she had before was sufficient for her ‘Needs’ and not her ‘Wants’.

It is in this way, if you should ‘Choose’ to turn to ‘God’, He will provide you with your ‘Needs’, because He knows what your ‘Needs’ are, and that those ‘Needs’ are going to be ‘Good’ for you.

‘God’ will not provide you with your ‘Wants’ however, as He knows that those ‘Wants’ will not be ‘Good’ for you, as you can now see.

‘Our Blesséd Mother’ has today sent an ‘Invitation’ to both of you to ‘Meet’ and ‘See’ and get to know Her Belovéd Son, the ‘Baby Jesus’, would you make the Choice to accept Her ‘Holy Invitation’?”

Then I could “See” the woman stand up and hugging the older Shepherd and crying at the same time, I could “Hear” her with a tremble in her voice, saying;

“Would They really allow us to See Him, after what we have done?”

Then I could “See” a broad “Smile” appear on the older Shepherds face and “Heard” him reply to the woman with a sense of “Joy” in his voice;

“My dear Faithful friend, ‘They’ would be delighted to See both of you and I can tell you they will Welcome you with open arms and more Love than you can ever imagine was possible to give, so come with us and we will take you to Meet the ‘Holy Child’ on this very Special Night for Him and for both of you.”

Then I could “See” the couple and the older Shepherd and I leave the House, and as we did so, I could “See” the Church in the distance at the end of the Street, the same Church, that the older Shepherd and I had visited in yesterday’s “Vision”, and as I did so, I spoke to them saying;

“Let us go to the Church to give Thanks to Our Blesséd Lord at His ‘Tabernacle’, before we go to the ‘Baby Jesus’.

However, before we went any farther, the woman spoke up, saying;

“There is no point, because it will be closed as it is only open for Mass, and then as soon as Mass is over, it is then immediately locked, so it will be closed right now.”

So, somewhat Disappointed at the woman’s Revelation, the same Disappointment that the older Shepherd and I had felt and experienced during yesterday’s “Vision” when we went visit the Church during yesterday’s “Vision”, I could then “See”, now, all 4 of us walk back up to the top of the Street to the junction of the Street and the Narrow Path leading to the “Cavern-Stable”.

On arriving at the junction, I could “See” the older Shepherd pick up the Lantern that he had left there on our arrival to this Suburban Street earlier in the evening, and could now “See” all 4 of us start to Head down the Narrow Path in the now Icy Cold Wind and Snow, all 4 of us Huddled together for warmth, Praying our “Rosaries”, including the couple with us who had joined us in Prayer, as we slowly made our way in the Darkness of the night by the Light of the one Lantern, being carried by the older Shepherd.

Finally I could “See” all 4 of us arriving at the “Cavern-Stable” and could “See” myself opening up the Large Wooden Door, but by now the Icy Cold Wind had subsided, but it was still Snowing, although the Snow Flakes were Floating down gently, like tiny Fluffy little Feathers falling from the Sky, and as the Door opened, the Heavenly Sight that Greeted all 4 us of was so Breathtakingly Overwhelming.

I could “See” and “Hear” greeting us, a Heavenly Chorus of Singing being provided by the 7 Angels, each still holding their single Red Rose in their hands and kneeling amidst the Beautiful “Array” of Apricot, Canary and White coloured Roses which in turn were Filling the entire “Cavern-Stable” with their Heavenly “Aromatic” Fragrance, the entire Host of Angels kneeling on the Natural Shelf behind St. Joseph, who in turn was standing next to “Our Blesséd Mother”, both of whom were looking down from the Head of the “Trough-Crib” on the now Wide-Awake Little “Baby Jesus”  Wrapped up to His Little Neck in the Swaddling, lying on the Hay in His “Trough-Crib”.

Then as I looked upon the “Baby Jesus” lying in His “Trough-Crib”, with all 4 of us standing in Awe and Wonderment in the open Doorway of the “Cavern-Stable”, I noticed that the Baby Lamb was curled up at the Feet of the “Holy Cherub” on the Hay, with the younger Shepherd kneeling alongside the “Trough-Crib” in Admiration of the “Holy Infant” and His Infant Playmate.

Then, almost as if not wishing to be left out of this Scene of Heavenly Magnificence and Majesty, I could “Hear” and almost as by “Accompaniment” to the Beautiful Choral Rendition being offered by the Singing “Angelic Septet” on the Natural Shelf Behind St. Joseph, I could “Hear”, all of the animals in the “Cavern-Stable”, almost as if in Synchronised Harmony with the Heavenly Music, with the Lambs Bleating, the Oxen Lowing, the Geese Gaggling, the Ducklings Quacking, and even the Donkey Neighing, producing what sounded to me, at least, like a Harmonious Heavenly Symphony, almost as if it were being Orchestrated and Conducted by the Heavenly Father Himself!

With all 4 of us Clearly Mesmerised by this “Snapshot”, of what in all Humility, I could only describe, as “Heavenly Divinity”, and with all 4 of us still apparently Paralysed with Awe and Amazement at what we were being witness to, I could then “See” “Our Blesséd Mother” beckoning all 4 of us to enter the “Cavern-Stable”, and Picking up the Little “Baby Jesus” from His “Trough-Crib”, I could then “Hear” “Our Blesséd Mother” speak to the visiting couple, saying;

“Come, My Children, Come meet My Newborn, who has Come into the World, so that ‘All’ of Mankind, can Share in  the ‘Good News’ that He has Brought with Him, the ‘Good News’ of the Kingdom of God, that the Heavenly Father wishes for ‘All’ of  Mankind, including you, My Children, to enjoy, for all Eternity.

Come, meet Him personally, for He has ‘Invited’ you here tonight, and you, My Children, have ‘Chosen’ to accept this ‘Holy Invitation’.

Let My ‘Heavenly Infant’ Bless you both for having the ‘Courage’ to share your ‘Faith’ with Him tonight, and for having the ‘Courage’ to put your earthly Troubles of today behind you, in order to Share in the Joy of His Heavenly Love and in the Hope of your own Heavenly Salvation.

Come, My Children, come and Reconcile, in your Hearts and Souls your Troubles and your Ills, leaving all of them at the Feet of My ‘Holy Infant’ in His Crib, and from this night The Heavenly Father will Reward you with His Graces, and will guide you through your Troubles, in fulfilment of His Heavenly Promise of His Heavenly Love for you and for All who Come to Him in Faith as you have done tonight.”

Then, with tears streaming from their eyes I could “See” the couple, both husband and wife, come forward to the “Trough-Crib” to greet the Little “Baby Jesus”, and as they did so I could “See” the Little “Cherub” pop out His Little Arms from under the Swaddling, as He was being propped up in the Arms of His Heavenly Mother, and Stretch His Little Arms out, as if to Personally Greet the Visiting couple, and wearing a Beautiful Smile on His oh so Cute Little Angelic Face, in the process.

Then I could “See” both the husband and wife offer the Little “Holy Infant” one fore-finger each, which the Little “Baby Jesus” so Happily took a hold of, one in each of His Little Hands, which evoked a Tear Filled Smile from both the husband and wife as they both, with an expression of Heartfelt Warmth, the likes of which they no doubt had never before tonight ever experienced, that totally filled their faces.

Then I could “See” “Our Blesséd Mother”, take hold of Her “Heavenly Babe” in both of Her Hands, in a order to offer the “Holy Infant” to the woman for her to hold Him in her arms, and as “Our Blesséd Mother” did so, the Little “Baby Jesus” let go  of His grip on the fore-fingers of the visiting couple, and with a sense of total self “Unworthiness”, the woman did, albeit with what clearly seemed with an air of reluctance, take hold of the Little “Baby Jesus” from His Heavenly Mother.

Then, having the Little “Babe” comfortably Nestled in her arms, I could “See” the woman allowing herself to express her emotions of Love, Admiration and Deep Gratitude for this Remarkably Heavenly “Intimacy” that she was being “Invited” to Share in by the very “Mother of God”, as she wept with such “Heartfelt Joy” at this Heavenly Privilege, of holding the Little “Cherub”, by now, so tightly to her chest.

All the while, that the couple were with “Our Blesséd Mother” and the Little “Baby Jesus”, the entire “Ensemble” of Angels and Animals, were continuing to fill the air with the most Beautiful Singing and Music, that I could quite clearly “See” was touching the Hearts and Souls of all present in the “Cavern-Stable”.

Then with the woman still Cuddling the “Heavenly Infant” now with an expression of not wishing to let go of Him at all, I could “See” “Our Blesséd Mother” look at the older Shepherd and I, who had by now entered the “Cavern-Stable” having closed the Cavern Door in the process, and Smiling so Gently at us, “Our Blesséd Mother” began addressing us, saying;

 “Thank you My Dear Faithful Children for ‘Inviting’ the 2 Guests to meet My ‘Heavenly Child’ tonight.

I your Heavenly Mother, Bless you both for the ‘Faith’ and ‘Obedience’ that you have both shown tonight in carrying out the Mission, that I had set out for you.

I will continue to Love you both and ‘Invite’ you to continue to Carry on with this same Mission of Leading others to My Belovéd Son, Jesus, for the rest of your lives.

As the Heavenly Father has promised, your Reward for your efforts will be Great in His Heavenly Kingdom, not only for you, but for ‘All’ of My Children throughout the World, who ‘Choose’ to accept this same ‘Invitation’.”

Then at this point I found myself, back at the Foot of the Cross of Our Blesséd Lord, at Calvary, together with “Our Blesséd Mother”, with both of us kneeling at the Foot of His Cross, looking up at Our Blesséd Lord Hanging from His Cross, with the Large “Eucharistic Host” still covering His Sacred Chest.

Then after a little while I could “See” the Large “Eucharistic Host” disappear exposing the “Excoriations” on Our Blesséd Lord’s Sacred Chest that He had sustained from the “Scourging at the Pillar”, and at this Point I could “See” Our Blesséd Lord Smiling at “Our Blesséd Mother” and I, as we knelt at the Foot of His Cross, at which point the “Visual Image” for today came to its conclusion.

So at the conclusion of today’s “Vision”, I proceeded, once again with some difficulty, to place my Cross onto my back, but Stumbling backwards with it strapped to my back, in the process, then un-strapping it, I replaced the Cross for the second time, but this time I managed to get to my feet with the Cross in situ on my back without Stumbling, and as I stood up, the Swarm of “March Flies” once again, flew over from their adopted location above the Fallen Tree behind the “Bush Grotto” and once again, as they had done over the past 2 days, Swarmed around my Cross and around my face, and again stayed in Tow up until I removed my Cross at the very end of the “Stations of the Cross” for today, at which point now for the 3rd day in a row, the entire Swarm, much to my relief, I might add, flew off and totally “Disappeared”.

Having now completed my “Stations of the Cross” for today, I then continued on with my Prayers for the rest of the Vigil for today, and then at about 8.00 P.M., “Our Blesséd Mother” Reappeared in front of the “Bush Grotto”.

Then sitting down on the Rock at the base of the Tree, within which Her Grotto is situated, and with “Our Blesséd Mother” so Resplendent as She always is when She “Visits” me in this very special way, and with Her Apricot coloured Gown, Canary coloured Sash around Her Waist, and wearing Her Sky Blue coloured Veil that covered Her Jet Black Hair, all of which were now Shimmering in the Gradually Setting Sun-Rays that appeared to be Dancing through the gaps of the Branches of the Forrest of trees that surround the entire Location of the “Bush Grotto” , “Our Blesséd Mother” then began speaking to me, saying;

 “My Dear Faithful Child, I your Heavenly Mother would like to first of all thank you for having accepted My ‘Invitation’ for you to join Me, your Heavenly Mother over these 3 days of Christmas in Prayer, Fasting, Sacrifice and Suffering, for all of My Suffering Children around the World, who themselves have been Subjected to Hunger, Starvation, Loneliness, Abandonment and Suffering over this Christmas, many of whom will continue to Suffer in these ways for much longer than just these 3 Days.

My, Blessings, and the Blessings of My Belovéd Son, Jesus, have been bestowed upon you, My ailing Child-your wife, your family and upon all of those Brothers and Sisters in Faith in My Belovéd Son, Jesus, that have been offering up their Prayers to Me, their Heavenly Mother, on your behalf, including those Belovéd Priests of Mine who have offered Masses and Prayers, to Me, their Matriarch, on your behalf, for Me to give you the necessary Strength to have  carried out this Mission as requested of you by Me, your Heavenly Mother.

This Mission, My Dear Faithful Child, as difficult as it has been for you to carry out, has nevertheless, been oh so necessary, in order to ease some of the Suffering of so many Children of Mine, but also My Dear Faithful Child, for you to gain an understanding, of an extremely important aspect the Gravity of ‘Sin’ itself, and for you to ‘Share’ in another ‘Dimension’ of the ‘Suffering’ that is inflicted on My Belovéd Son, Jesus, by ‘Sin’ itself.

My Dear Faithful Child, over these past 3 days, My Adversary ‘Satan’, had subjected you to, a form of ‘Suffering’, which I, Your Heavenly Mother, at the express wish of the Heavenly Father, purposefully allowed My Adversary ‘Satan’ to carry out, in order that you could gain a more ‘Intimate’ understanding of this ‘Painful Dimension’ of the ‘Suffering’ from ‘Sin’ that My Belovéd Son, Jesus, is subjected to whenever any of My Children throughout the World, including you, My Dear Faithful Child, commit ‘Sins’.

This ‘Dimension’, My Dear Faithful Child, is what you experienced, when you were Subjected to the ‘Pain’ and ‘Suffering’ of ‘Nausea’ and The ‘Pains’ you experienced in your Sinuses and Head as a result of the ‘Smell’ that My adversary ‘Satan’ brought about with the ‘Decomposing’ Flesh that he produced.

This extremely ‘Uncomfortable’ and indeed ‘Painful’ experience that you were subjected to was the very ‘Foul Smell’ of ‘Sin’ itself.

My Dear Faithful Child, what you were experiencing was the ‘Obnoxious Odour’ of the ‘Soiling’ on your ‘Soul’, that is the ‘Soil of ‘Sin’, the very ‘Odour of Sin’ itself.

My Dear Faithful Child, this same ‘Discomfort’ and ‘Suffering’ that you had experienced over these past 3 days, is the same ‘Discomfort’ and ‘Suffering’ that My Belovéd Son, Jesus, also ‘Experiences’ with each and every ‘Sin’ that is committed by any of My Children throughout the World, including  your ‘Sins’, My Dear Faithful Child, each and every individual ‘Sin’!!!

But My Dear Faithful Child, this most ‘Painful Discomfort’ and ‘Suffering’ remains with My Belovéd Son, Jesus, each and every time the individual ‘Sin’ is committed, staying with My Belovéd Son, Jesus, beyond even when ‘Contrition’ is made for that individual ‘Sin’, remaining with Him up until ‘Retribution’ and ‘Atonement’ has been made for the individual offending ‘Sin’, each and every individual ‘Sin’!!!

My Dear Faithful Child, the time has now arrived for you to gain a Deeper understanding of the ‘Gravity’ of ‘Sin’ and of the ‘Depth’ and ‘Dimensions’ of the ‘Suffering’ that My Beloved Son, Jesus, endures as a result of ‘Sin’ in order that you and All of Mankind can make a greater effort not to commit ‘Sin’, but also a greater effort not to commit to ‘Sin’ itself, and therefore with it, to continue on ‘Offending’ My Belovéd Son, Jesus so relentlessly, and continue to Subject Him to so much ‘Suffering’, in the process.

My Dear Faithful Child, I your Heavenly Mother ‘Invite’ you to Meditate upon this ‘Revelation’ that I have Shared with you today, as well as the ‘Experience’ that you have undergone over the past 3 days, and further ‘Invite’ you to be mindful of the Severe ‘Discomfort’ and ‘Suffering’ that My Belovéd Son, Jesus, endures as a result of each ‘Sin’ that is committed.

I Love you so Dearly My Dear Faithful Son, and I promise once again, never to leave you, for as long as you allow Me, your Heavenly Mother, to remain in your Heart.”

Then at this point, “Our Blesséd Mother”, stood up, beckoning me forward, and as I did so, I knelt down in front of Her, bowing my head in the process, and then “Our Blesséd Mother” gave me Her Blessings, after which She left me, as by now it had reached the end of the today’s Prayer Vigil, for now, the 3rd and final Day of this year’s Christmas Sacrifice.

Finally, I would like to Formally thank all of those Brothers and Sisters in Faith in Christ, including all of the Clergy and Lay that I had asked to offer up Prayers for me for this Christmas Sacrifice, thanking each and every one of you for all of the Masses and Prayers that had been offered up for me this Christmas, as well as for the ongoing Fast, for without them, I know full well, that I could not have possibly been able to complete the Sacrifices over this Christmas.

May God’s Blessings be with you, each and every one of you.


I pray, O Holy Mother of God, that those who choose to Read or Hear Your Messages, will receive them with Your Blessings, and that their Heart’s too, will be filled with Your Graces and Love.