Pray for me O Holy Mother of God, that I, your Humble Servant, will carry out, Your requests, with True and Unfailing Faith in You, and Your Blesséd Son, Jesus Christ.


1st January 2009, New Year’s “Invitation”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

With the Dramatic events that took place over the Christmas Period of Prayer Vigils only a week ago, I was, quite naturally, more than simply just Reticent and intensely Apprehensive, as I made my way along the Bush Track late in the morning of this, the First day of the New Year of 2009, on my way to join “Our Blesséd Mother” for today’s 9 Hour Prayer Vigil, for the Intentions of all of “Our Blesséd Mothers” Belovéd Priests of Australia.

From the effects of still not having even started to recover from the Christmas Period Ordeals, coupled with the Tiredness that I was feeling, from the lack of rest overnight, following a restless morning with my ailing Wife becoming ill, this after having seen the New Year in, with the Celebration of Midnight Mass in Honour of “Our Blesséd Mother”, “The Mother of God”, simply added to the Tension that I was feeling, as I Trekked my way along the Track, on my way to meet with “Our Blesséd Mother” at the “Bush Grotto” for today.

Again, as was the case over the 2nd and 3rd days of the Christmas Period of Prayer Vigils, I was being extremely “Vigilant”, almost to the point of Paranoia, continually looking out with Petrifying Expectation, for the “Diabolical” Arrival of “Satan”, and as I approached the “Wetlands Area”, without incident, my Fear, Suspicion and Interior Tension, began to intensify, with my Heart seemingly beating so Frantically, that I felt almost sure that it was about to break free from the safety of my Rib-Cage.    

However, much to my Interior Relief, though not so much to my Physical Relief, I Trekked right through to the far end of the “Wetlands Area” without incident, with the Status Quo remaining right up to my arrival to the “Bush Grotto” itself, and this in spite of my Tardy start and extreme Weariness, let alone the Inner Torture that I was going through along the way.

So having arrived, at the “Bush Grotto”, again by the Grace of God, and “Our Blesséd Mother’s” Intercession, exactly on time for my Midday Scheduled time, without even the Appearance of “Satan”, let alone an Attack on me by “Satan”, although I certainly feel that the Tension that I had endured on my way to the “Bush Grotto” today, was in itself an unwelcome exercise of Endurance, I was able to join “Our Blesséd Mother” with the “Angelus” to start off today’s Prayer Vigil. 

Then continuing on with my Prayers, this in spite of my Tiredness, the time eventually came for me to prepare to join “Our Blesséd Mother” in today’s “Stations of the Cross”, so I started off by offering up the 3 O’Clock Prayers for the Divine Mercy, after which I then Read out the names on my Prayer List, for whom this Sacrifice was being offered up, as requested by “Our Blesséd Mother”.

However, at the request of one of “Our Blesséd Mothers” Belovéd Priests in Perth, I added  to my list for this Special Day, the Intentions of Her Belovéd Priests from another part of the world.  

This Faithful Belovéd Priest of “Our Blesséd Mother”, had Humbly Placed this request before “Our Blesséd Mother”, providing “Our Blesséd Mother” would be agreeable, as he was mindful that today’s Prayer Vigil had been Requested for the Intentions of “Our Blesséd Mothers” Belovéd Priests of Australia, but “Our Blesséd Mother” was more than Pleased to Embrace this Special request from such of a Faithful Belovéd Priest of Hers, and did so with immense “Joy” in Her Immaculate Heart.

Having completed the Reading of my Prayer List and Intentions, I then proceeded to place my Cross on my back, again with a great deal of difficulty, but thankfully, once I eventually Struggled to my feet with the Cross on my back, I was so grateful that I did not have to contend with the additional Frustration, of the Swarm of “March Flies”, that unfortunately, I did have to contend with over the Christmas Period, only one week ago.

So, Tired and Weary, and somewhat Hot, from the heat of the day, and in spite of not having to contend with the “March Flies” I still Struggled with my Cross on my back from Station to Station, until finally, and in a great deal of Discomfort, I reached the 12th Station, at which point I removed my Cross to receive my “Visual Image” for today.

A short while, after I lay Prostrate on the ground in front of the “Bush Grotto”, being the 12th Station of “Stations of the Cross” of the “Bush Stations of the Cross” that “Our Blesséd Mother” had requested of me to set up a few years ago, “Our Blesséd Mother” sent down upon me the Promised “Visual Image”.

The “Visual Image” for today started off as the Standard “Visual Image” as described in (Message No. 17, “The ‘Agony’ of Christ”), and remained so throughout the “Vision” for today, right up to its conclusion, at which point “Our Blesséd Mother” gave me Her now Customary Blessing, as the “Vision” concluded.

Then at the conclusion, I replaced my Cross onto my back, again with some difficulty, to conclude the “Stations of the Cross”, for today, the First “Stations of the Cross” for this New Year of 2009. 

Having completed the “Stations of the Cross” for today, I then resumed with my Prayers for today’s Prayer Vigil, now even more Tired, and with my body aching all over from the Struggle with my Cross today, then, as was the case on the final day of the Christmas Period of Prayer Vigils, and again at about 8.00 P.M., “Our Blesséd Mother” Reappeared in front of Her “Bush Grotto”, again as always, ever Resplendent, whenever She has “Visited” me at Her “Bush Grotto”.

Then “Our Blesséd Mother” Smiled at me, with Her most Beautiful youthful looking, Large Blue Eyes, positively Glistening in the Sunlight of the setting Sun to the Right of Her, and reaching out to me with Her Arms Lovingly open to receive me, beckoned me forward to Embrace me, and after we Embraced, “Our Blesséd Mother”, sat down on the Rock in front of Her “Bush Grotto”, and began speaking to me, saying;

 “Thank you My Dear Faithful Child for responding to My ‘Invitation’ for you to join Me, your Heavenly Mother, in today’s Prayer Vigil, for this Day, the First Day of this New Year, and this, for the ‘Intentions’ of My Dearly Belovéd Priests, of your country of Australia, and for Welcoming in the New Year with Me, your Heavenly Mother, by ‘Visiting’ and ‘Receiving’ My Belovéd Son, Jesus, during the Celebration of the ‘Holy Mass’ in Honour of Me, the Mother of God, and the Mother of the Church on earth.

It is, My Dear Faithful Child, as the Mother of the Church and the ‘Matriarch’ of My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, that I come to you today with this most important Message, for My Belovéd Priests of Australia, at the start of this most important year for The Church, and for all of My Children throughout the World.

My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, I your ‘Matriarch’ and Heavenly Mother wish for ‘All’ of you, each and every one of you to know, that My Immaculate Heart is right now, and has been for so many years, extremely Heavy with ‘Sadness’, as I have been ‘Witnessing’ Mother Church throughout the World, including the Church in your own Country of Australia, under such Severe ‘Attack’ from My Adversary ‘Satan’, where he has so successfully ‘Infiltrated’ the Hearts, Minds and Souls of so many of you and your fellow Brother Priests around the World.

This ‘Diabolical’ Attack by My Adversary ‘Satan’, on all of you, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, and on your fellow Brother Priests of the World, is not only going to continue during the course of this New Year, but he has made a ‘Resolve’ to step up his ‘Attack’, as from today, on this the very First Day of the New Year, in an attempt to carry out and fulfil his ‘Diabolical Will’, to pull down the ‘Pillars’ of Mother Church.

My Adversary ‘Satan’ is, right now, like a Raging Lion, that is ready to pounce on its Severely Wounded ‘Prey’, now that its ‘Prey’ has reached its Weakest and most Vulnerable Point, with insufficient Strength of its own, to successfully defend itself against the attack from its ‘Predator’.

It is in this way, that My Adversary ‘Satan’, if allowed to, can so much more easily ‘Devour’ the ‘Souls’ of My Children, your Flocks, throughout the World.

My Adversary ‘Satan’, has been allowed, due in large part, by the ‘Willingness’ of so many of My Belovéd Priests throughout Mother Church , Universally, to Stray so severely from the ‘Words of God’ ‘As’ they were given to Mankind by My Belovéd Son, Jesus, your Heavenly Brother, some 2000 years ago.

So many of you, My Dearly Belovéd Priests throughout Australia, along with so many of your fellow Brother Priests throughout the World, have by your own ‘Choice’, chosen NOT to Preach or to Live by these Most Sacred Heavenly ‘Truths’ that My Belovéd Son, Jesus, had Delivered to Mankind some 2000 Years ago, ‘Choosing’ instead to Preach and Live by a Changed and Altered ‘Liberalised Version’ of these Most Sacred ‘Heavenly Truths’ in the ‘Holy Scriptures’.

It is in this way, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, that the very ‘Foundations’ of Mother Church upon which the ‘Pillars’ are built, that this ‘Foundation’ is being Drastically ‘Weakened’ and ‘Softened’, making it so much easier for My Adversary ‘Satan’ to pull down these all important ‘Pillars’, regardless of how strong the ‘Pillars’ themselves, may be.  

These ‘Pillars’, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, are in fact My ‘Truly Dedicated’ and ‘Faithful’ Belovéd Priests, many of whom are now in Mortal Danger of ‘Collapsing’ and Falling ‘Prey’ to the ‘Surge of Evil’ that my Adversary ‘Satan’ is planning to ‘Swamp’ Mother Church with, over this coming year.

Therefore My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, for this reason, because of this ‘Weakened Foundation’, having been ‘Softened’ by the ‘Softening’ of the very ‘Words of God’ by the Innumerable and Persistent ‘Errors’, that have been Introduced and Adopted, and are continuing now, and which for some time, have been Taught and Preached from the Pulpits of so many of the Churches throughout the World, including many of those in your Country of Australia, and being Lived out by so many of My Dearly Belovéd Priests, as a Devastating ‘Example’, Devastating to the ‘Souls’ of so many of My Children, throughout the World, it is for this reason, therefore, that it has become more ‘Urgent’ than ever before, in the History of Mankind, for this ‘Foundation’, to be ‘Re-Strengthened’, in order to reverse the now so Severely ‘Weakened’ Integrity, of this ‘Foundation’.

Therefore, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, I, your Heavenly Mother and Matriarch, am turning to you, and presenting to ‘All’ of you, throughout the Length and Breadth of your Country, each and every one you, the same ‘Invitation’ that I had sent out to My Dearly Belovéd Priests in Perth, in Western Australia in 2004, for ‘All’ of you, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, each and every one of you, to join My Belovéd Son, Jesus, in ‘Adoration’ of your Heavenly Saviour, in His ‘True Presence’, Body, Soul and Divinity in the ‘Blesséd Sacrament’, for at least one Hour for each day of the week.

In addition to your own Personal, individual Period of ‘Intimacy’ with My Belovéd Son, Jesus, I ‘Invite’ ‘All’ of you, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, each and every one of you, who have the responsibility of Leading your Flocks in the Parishes of Australia, to make My Belovéd Son, Jesus, readily ‘Available’ to your Flocks, My Children of Australia, by the way of ‘Adoration’ of the ‘Blesséd Sacrament’, for at least one Hour a week, though preferably at least one Hour each day, and wherever Genuinely Practical, for 24 hours a day, in ‘Perpetual Adoration’, this in order that as many of My Children throughout Australia, can be presented with the opportunity to gain their own individual ‘Intimacy’ with My Belovéd Son, Jesus.  

I further ‘Invite’ ‘All’ of you, My Belovéd Priests of Australia, each and every one of you, in turn, to Personally ‘Lead’ these ‘Hours of Adoration’ of My Belovéd Son, Jesus, ‘Leading’ your Flocks in Prayer in the ‘True Presence’ of My Belovéd Son, Jesus in the ‘Blesséd Sacrament’, as a ‘Visible Example’ of your own Personal Faith, for My Children to Witness and to Follow, in exactly the same way that My Belovéd Son, Jesus, your Heavenly Saviour, had shown by His own ‘Divine Example’, when He Brought, Preached and Lived out the very ‘Words of God’, that He came to Deliver, to ‘All’ of Mankind, Past Present and Future, some 2000 years ago, and this including to ‘All’ of you, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia.     

During these periods of Prayers, that I, your Heavenly Mother ‘Invite’ you, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, to ‘Lead’ your Flocks in, I also ‘Invite’ you to join Me, in offering up and in ‘Leading’ My ‘Most Holy Rosary’, as THIS is the PRAYER that My Adversary ‘Satan’ DETESTS the Most, and which, in addition to being the Greatest ‘Weapon’, that Mankind can use against him, and which in turn most effectively ‘Weakens’ him, it also serves as the most effective ‘Shield’ against his ‘Attacks’ on any of My Children throughout the World, when My ‘Most Holy Rosary’ is offered up in ‘True Faith’.

It is by the offering up of this most Powerful of Prayers, infused with Heavenly Strength, that when it is offered up in the form of group Prayer, it is then ‘Magnified’ in Strength, many times in proportion to the numbers in the ‘Prayer Group’, but ‘Magnified’ again in even greater proportion, when it is offered up in the very ‘True Presence’ of My Belovéd Son, Jesus, in the ‘Blesséd Sacrament’, reaching to its Greatest Strength, when the ‘Prayer Group’ is ‘Led’ in offering up My ‘Most Holy Rosary’ by one of My Dearly Belovéd Priests, in the ‘True Presence’ of My Belovéd Son, Jesus.

My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, the ‘Strengthening’ Grip that My Adversary ‘Satan’ already has on Mother Church, has to be ‘Arrested’, and then ‘Loosened’, before the ‘Pillars’ of My Church, collapse under its ‘Weakening Foundation’, and it has to be achieved NOW, before it is TOO LATE’.

The Weapons that My Adversary ‘Satan’, has already ‘Unleashed’ on My Children throughout the World, and also on Mother Church, over the recent Decades, have already, ‘Mortally Wounded’ so many throughout the world, but nothing has been more ‘Effective’ and ‘Devastating’, than the most recent addition to his ‘Diabolical Arsenal’, this being the Weapon of ‘Debt’.

This ‘Devastating’ Weapon, has been so ‘Effective’, and he has so, so successfully ‘Infused’ this Weapon, into the Hearts and Minds of so, so many of My Children throughout the World, and it has become much like a ‘Dormant Cancer’, that is now about to ‘Explode’ into an unstoppable ‘Ravaging’ and extremely ‘Aggressive Disease’, Destroying all and everything in its path.

So ‘Devastating’ has this latest Weapon of My Adversary ‘Satan’ become over these recent years, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, that even Mother Church has fallen ‘Prey’ to this new addition to his ‘Diabolical Armoury’, and unless My Adversary, ‘Satan’ is ‘Disarmed’, and ‘Disarmed’ ‘NOW’, then the Consequences to My Children throughout the World, as well as Mother Church itself, will be ‘Catastrophic’.

My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, it is for this reason, that I am turning to you, ‘Inviting’ you not only to ‘Lead’ My Children of Australia, to My Belovéd Son, Jesus, in the ‘Blesséd Sacrament’ in ‘Adoration’, but I am ‘Inviting’ you, each and every one of you, as a Part of the Body of Mother Church, to ‘Lead’ by your own ‘Visible Example’, the entire ‘Universal Church’ to follow this ‘Example’, because it by the following of this ‘Example’ by the ‘Universal Church’, that the ‘Universal Church’ will then become a  ‘Whole and Complete Body’, in Faith in My Belovéd Son, Jesus.

It is at this point, if the ‘Universal Church’ unifies, becoming a ‘Whole and Complete Body’ in Faith in My Belovéd Son and to the ‘Heavenly Truth’ as ‘One Complete Body’ in the ‘Words of God’ ‘As’ given by My Belovéd Son, Jesus, some 2000 years ago, it is then that the now ‘Weakened Foundation’ of Mother Church, will regain its Strength, and in this way will have successfully ‘Disarmed’, My Adversary ‘Satan’.

This ‘Invitation’, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, places a very great ‘Responsibility’ on  your Shoulders, but I, your Heavenly Mother and Matriarch, have ‘Chosen’ to offer this ‘Invitation’ to you specifically, firstly, because it is from here, that if you ‘Choose’ to accept this ‘Heavenly Invitation’, the successful ‘Disarmament’ of My Adversary ‘Satan’, can be most ‘Effectively’ Launched.

But, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, I, your Heavenly Mother, have ‘Chosen’ you also, because I Love each and every one of you so, so Dearly, and I Promise to be by your sides, each and every one of you, that in turn, make the ‘Choice’ to accept My ‘Invitation’, Showering you with an ‘Abundance’ of Blessings and Graces along the way.

In parting, I your Heavenly Mother and Matriarch, ask each and every one of you, My Dearly Belovéd Priests of Australia, to examine your individual ‘Consciences’, as you ‘Meditate’ upon this Message, and as you Ponder the ‘Gravity’ of the Situation, that the World is facing, both ‘Corporally’ and ‘Spiritually’, and with it, the ‘Integral’ input that My Adversary ‘Satan’ has had, in the very Creation of this Most ‘Grave’ Global Situation.

May the Blessings from My Belovéd Son, Jesus and The Heavenly Father, also touch the Hearts and Souls of each and every one of you, today and for all of Eternity.”

Then at this point “Our Blesséd Mother”, who had a Saddened expression on Her Face, after having passed on this most Sobering Message, then looked at me in an extremely Loving way, and even though it was almost dark by now, as it was now passed 9.00 P.M., I was still able to “See” Her quite clearly, and began again speaking to me, saying;

 “My Dear Faithful Child, I, your Heavenly Mother, am now ‘Inviting’ you to place your Cross on your back, and wish for you to carry your Cross back to your Car, instead of Driving here to My ‘Bush Grotto’, to pick it up.”

Now, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Faith in Christ, I have to admit, that this request from “Our Blesséd Mother”, completed “Flabbergasted” me and Totally “Floored me, and I could barely believe what I was hearing.

Now, to bring this Statement into some sort of Perspective, it would be necessary for you, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Faith in Christ, to be aware of a few Pertinent points.

Firstly, the distance from the “Bush Grotto”, to where my car was parked is a distance of a little over 4 Kilometres, which is about 1 hours walk along the Bush Track for me, if I am only carrying minimal luggage, as I had done today, consisting of a Rucksack and an Esky with Cool Drinks.

Then, secondly, I was already extremely Weary and Tired before I had even left in the morning for the Prayer Vigil today, then further Tired out following the carrying of my Heavy Cross earlier in the afternoon, and finally, today was the warmest day of the 4 days in total, of Prayer Vigils, not to mention that I had by now, not eaten since the beginning of December, now some 5 Weeks into My Current Fast.

In fact, I had already planned to walk back to my car at the end the Prayer Vigil for today, (definitely WITHOUT my Cross on my back), and then had planned to drive my car to the “Bush Grotto” to pick up my Cross as I was going to need it for the “Stations of the Cross” for the following day for my regular Friday’s “Stations of the Cross” at the Schönstatt Shrine in Armadale, W.A.

So, with all of this in mind, I now, need to make a Confession, to all of you My Brothers and Sisters in Faith in Christ, that being, that whilst “Our Blesséd Mother” was delivering the Message for Her Belovéd Priests of Australia, I was even wondering how it was that I was going to cope with the walk back to the car at the end of today’s Prayer Vigil, and then be able to drive back to the “Bush Grotto” to collect my Cross, and drive home, because I was already feeling so Weary, Struggling even to remain Alert from Tiredness, by this time of the evening. 

Therefore, with all this now in mind, it perhaps makes a bit more sense, why it was that I was so “Stunned” by “Our Blesséd Mothers”, now “Extraordinary” Request, and as a result of this “Incredible” Request, I have to most Ashamedly Confess, did, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Faith in Christ, for the First time in the now, a little over 5 years of “Our Blesséd Mother” having “Visited” me, Seriously, in fact most Seriously, consider “Rejecting” a Blesséd Request of me from “Our Blesséd Mother”!

I simply could not Rationalise or Fathom, how on earth could I possibly carry out this, what seemed to me to be an absolutely “Impossible” task to undertake, with everything I have just revealed considered, and then I noticed that “Our Blesséd Mother” was Looking oh so Lovingly at me, but also with an expression of Deep concern on Her Loving Face, and then “Our Blesséd Mother” again spoke to me, saying;

 “My Dear Faithful Child, I, your Heavenly Mother again, ‘Invite’ you to carry your Cross, back to your car, and I know that this will be very difficult for you to undertake, but I, your Heavenly Mother, will walk along the Track with you, every step of the way.

Will you, My Faithful Child, ‘Choose’ to walk with Me, your Heavenly Mother?”

Then, I looked at “Our Blesséd Mother” and “Seeing” the Love and yet Sadness in Her Loving Eyes, and as if I were temporarily Choked up with Numbness, as I did not seem to be able to give “Our Blesséd Mother” a Verbal reply, I nodded my head in Approval, and almost immediately “Our Blesséd Mother”, beckoned me forward to Bless me, and after She had given me Her Blessing I felt somewhat more Resigned to this “Extraordinary Invitation”, and went about getting all of my “Gear” together, and then Attaching everything to my Cross, i.e., my Rucksack, filled to bursting point with Books, Folders, Towels, Clothing etc., and my Esky with drinks, which would have added an estimated extra weight of about 5 Kilograms to my already heavy 44 Kilogram Cross, I then, with extreme difficulty Struggled to get my Cross on my back, and with even more difficulty, on getting to my feet with the Cross on my back.

Having successfully, albeit, with a Struggle, got to my feet with my Cross on my back, I then, together with “Our Blesséd Mother”,  headed off back to my car along the Track, step by agonising step, having to stop many times, for a breather, on the way, as I made my way at what seemed like a “Snail-Pace” speed.

Each time I would have to stop, “Our Blesséd Mother” would stop with me, and every time I would Cry out in Pain and Agony, “Our Blesséd Mother” would  “Talk” to me, “Encouraging” me not to give up, as the “Perspiration” just simply Poured off me, almost as if there was a Tap Turned on, attached to my forehead.

I can’t even begin to describe, the Torture that I was feeling, with the combination of “Exhaustion”, “Dehydration”, from the loss of fluid in the Humidity that was so Heavily present in the night air, and the “Weight” of my Cross, with its added luggage, seemingly Determined to break my back, then at last I reached a point along the Track, which, I regard as being the “Home Stretch” of my return Journey to the car, because it is a relatively short section of Track, being only about ¾ of a Kilometre in length, and in reaching this point I was almost feeling a sense of Relief, at the thought that I was nearly back at the car.

However, for some reason that I simply cannot explain, this final Stretch, seemed to take an Eternity to complete, no matter how much I tried to quicken my now                 extremely Weary steps, and as I Struggled to reach the end of the Track, “Our Blesséd Mother”, continued on with Her Loving “Encouragement” for me not to give in, and no doubt it was only Her Loving and Caring “Encouragement” that kept me going.

Then Finally I reached the Gate that closes the entrance of the Track, from the Road, from which it starts, and where my car was parked, and in Total “Exhaustion” and completely saturated in “Perspiration”, as if I had just stepped out of a Shower fully clothed, I collapsed to the ground on my knees with my Cross and with its luggage attached to it, with its combined Weight heavily dragging me to the ground,  and almost in Desperation clasped onto the Gate, to stop the Weight of the Cross from Crushing me face down on the ground.

Then with “Our Blesséd Mother”, standing alongside me, as I most, most Wearily, removed the Cross from my back, and still kneeling on the ground “Our Blesséd Mother”  with an air of Sadness Radiating from Her Face, began speaking to me, saying;

 “My Dear Faithful Child, I, your Heavenly Mother, thank you so much, for having carried out this Great Sacrifice, in ‘Faith’ and ‘Obedience’ to Me.

This ‘Invitation’ from Me, was truly a test of your Faith, My Dear Faithful Child, but most importantly, it was to show you the level of ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Suffering’ Required from a Person on Earth or from a ‘Soul’ in ‘Purgatory’, for the ‘Redemption of  Sin’, for this ‘Sacrifice’ that you have undertaken tonight, and ‘Suffering’ that you have just endured by the Carrying of your heavy Cross to your car, has made ‘Atonement’ for ‘One’ Single ‘Sacrilege’, that is ‘One’ Single ‘Sin’.”

Then as “Our Blesséd Mother” was making this “Astounding” Revelation to me, She was also holding up the Fore-Finger of Her right Hand, in a Gesture of “Emphasise”, that this “Sacrifice” was for One Sacrilege”, that is, One Sin” alone.

Still in “Shock” from this “Astounding” Revelation, “Our Blesséd Mother”, with me still kneeling on the ground, gave me Her Blessing, and as soon as I opened my eyes, I could “See” that “Our Blesséd Mother” had now Departed.    

With “Our Blesséd Mother” now having Departed, I got up from my kneeling position from the ground, and still in “Shock” from what “Our Blesséd Mother” had just moments ago Revealed to me, and feeling Physically Shattered from this Latest Ordeal, and extremely De-hydrated, I quickly retrieved a drink from my Esky to quench my extreme thirst and replace some of the Fluids that this Latest Ordeal had Drained from my body.

Then, having spent a few minutes to Recover my breath and some of my Strength, I then went about Dismantling my Cross and loading it, together my luggage, into the car before I finally set off for home, and on my way, as I drove home, I found myself completely Pre-occupied in Meditation, on this “Startling” Revelation, from “Our Blesséd Mother”, a Revelation, that from this night, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Faith in Christ, has had an “Astounding” affect on me, and in my Understanding of the Depth of “Suffering” that the “Souls in Purgatory” in particular, need to Endure for the “Redemption” and “Atonement” for One Single Sin, let alone for “All” of their “Sins”, for which “Atonement” had not already been made whilst they were still on Earth!    

 A truly, truly “Remarkable” and “Sobering” Revelation indeed, to my mind, at least!


I pray, O Holy Mother of God, that those who choose to Read or Hear Your Messages, will receive them with Your Blessings, and that their Heart’s too, will be filled with Your Graces and Love.