My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

By the way of a Personal Introduction, and as has been requested of me, I am submitting a Brief History and Background of myself,  Zoltán Hardy, and to offer an explanation, as best as I can, of how it came about that “Our Blesséd Mother” came to me, and to what She is Requiring of me.

I was born in Hungary in 1953, the oldest of 4 Children to devout Catholic Parents, but then settled in the U.K., as a child with my Parents in January 1957 as Political Refugees, following the Hungarian Uprising in 1956, where I received my formal Education, through to Adulthood.

The Family lived in Hardship, during my growing up years, largely due to a Local unacceptance of “Foreigners”, Hindering any Progress in my Fathers endeavours to Support the family, combined with long periods of Illnesses within the family, but mainly to my Father, and finally as a result of the Permanent and Serious Disability, inflicted on my youngest brother only a few weeks after his birth in 1960.

All in all, it meant that life for the entire family, was not easy in a country, where the family was not generally made to feel welcome.

But in spite of this, the ‘Faith’ in “Our Blesséd Lord”, but especially in “Our Blesséd Mother”, shown particularly my Mother, kept the family’s “Spirits” together.

The family were regular Church attendees, and once I reached my early Teens, I offered my Love for Music to the Church, and became the Junior “Organist” at the Local Parish Church.

Then, at the end of my Schooling I briefly entered into a Career in “Accountancy”, but then soon after, joined my Father in a career in “Sales and Marketing”, then  only a few months before the Premature death of my Father, I met my Wife, who herself  having been born in Germany, grew up in Australia, and who at the time of meeting her, was on a working holiday in the U.K., which in turn led to my Migrating to Australia, some 4 years after my Father’s Death.

 However, after arriving in Australia, I entered into what I have often described as the 15 “Black” years of my life, where I “Strayed” from the Church, following many, many Problems, within my now “Australian” family shortly after the very Premature birth of my Daughter, being my only Child.

Then about 15 years ago, my Wife began to experience some health problems, and around the same time, I also returned to the Church, on a more regular basis, shortly after which I resumed to offer my Love for Music to my local Parish Church, and soon after became the “Organist” at the Church.

It was during this Period, that I then Learnt of the “Marian Cenacle of Prayers”, through which I Began to offer up “Daily Rosaries”, which “Our Blesséd Mother” had requested of us all at “Fatima”, and which I now began to offer up during my almost daily “Bush Walks”, which in turn I needed to do for my own Medical Problems.

Then after 5 years of Praying to “Our Blesséd Mother” offering up many, many “Rosaries”, and following a very Upsetting event, as described in the Introduction of the Messages from “Our Blesséd Mother”, I was “Visited” by “Our Blesséd Mother” for the First time on 3rd December 2003, an event which was to change my life from that day onwards.

During the ensuing years to date, “Our Blesséd Mother” has passed on to me, many, many Messages for the world at large, as well as many others for me personally, and has also “Invited” me to undertake many Personal Endeavours and Sacrifices for a variety of intentions.

However, “Our Blesséd Mother”, had, in the first year outlined Her Main “Mission” for me, namely to “Visit” All of Her “Belovéd Priests” in Perth, W.A.,, to inform them of Her Messages for the World, and to “Invite” them, to receive Her Heavenly Messages for themselves and for their “Congregations”, namely, Her Children, throughout the World.

Among the Personal Endeavours and Sacrifices, that “Our Blesséd Mother” has “Invited” me to undertake, has been to join Her in the “Stations of the Cross”, each and every Friday, and for each day during Lent, for the rest of my Life, and at the 12th Station, to lay Prostrate, wherever it is in the world that I am Carrying out the “Stations”, at which point “Our Blesséd Mother” will “Always”, bring down upon me a “Vision”.

These “Stations of the Cross” have been requested of me to be offered up for the Intentions of “All” of Her Children throughout the world, that wish to be Prayed for, and so at “Our Blesséd Mothers” request, I have put together a “Folder” of Prayer Intentions, for this very purpose.

Another (most extraordinary) Personal Request, from “Our Blesséd Mother”, started at the beginning of Christmas 2006, when She “Invited” me, amongst other Sacrifices, to join Her in a “Total” Fast of “All” Foods and Alcoholic Drinks, originally for the 3 days of Christmas, again originally for Her Poor Suffering and Abandoned Children throughout the World.

However at the end of the 3 days “Our Blesséd Mother” extended the Fast for another 7 days, and then systematically extended the Fast, by a variety of “Blocks” of days, at the end of each previous  “Block”, until eventually, “Our Blesséd Mother” ended this “Long” period of Fasting 5 Months later, on Pentecost Sunday of 2007, a total of 155 days, but this time for the Reparation” of the “Sacrileges” being committed by Her Belovéd Priests throughout the World.

Then in 2007, “Our Blesséd Mother” “Invited” me to construct a Heavy Wooden Cross to be between 35 and 45 Kilograms in weight, and once completed, for me to carry this Cross on my back during each “Stations” from that day of completion onwards, in order for me to share in the Weight that Her Belovéd Son, Jesus, carries on His Back, for All of our “Sins”, today.

On completion of My Heavy Cross, it weighed 44 Kilos, and I can tell you is extremely heavy for me Personally, particularly as it usually takes me about 1 hour to reach the 12th Station, with the Cross on my back, before I can Remove the Cross from my back to receive my “Promised Vision”.

Finally, “Our Blesséd Mother”, has again “Invited” me to join Her in another “Long” Fast of “All” Food and Alcoholic Drinks, which started on 3rd December 2007, but this Fast is, to date, an “Indefinite” Fast, again for the same intentions as was the case for the First “Long” Fast, and so now I am being “Invited” to carry my Heavy Cross, as well as Fasting, and this for each day of this coming Lent.

May God Bless you All My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and please Pray for me, that I do not Let “Our Blesséd Mother” down.

24th Jan. 2008

Zoltán Hardy