Pray for me O Holy Mother of God, that I, your Humble Servant, will carry out, Your requests, with True and Unfailing Faith in You, and Your Blesséd Son, Jesus Christ.


Wake Up! My Children


My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In the afternoon of Tuesday 19th August 2008, I made my way to the “Bush Grotto” for my exercises for the day, and on arrival at the “Bush Grotto”, I “Saw” “Our Blesséd Mother” sitting down on the Rock, in front of Her “Grotto”.

“Our Blesséd Mother”, although Resplendent as ever, and particularly so as the mid- afternoon Sun shone on Her through the forest of trees that surround the “Bush Grotto” location, She was nevertheless, extremely Sad, as was evident by the Tears that were moistening Her Beautiful Blue Eyes.

However, as I approached “Our Blesséd Mother” to Greet Her and to Embrace Her, “Our Blesséd Mother”, did indeed Smile as she Embraced me, and again filled me with Her Heavenly Joy that She Always unfailingly does, whenever “Our Blesséd Mother” “Comes” to me.

Then after we Embraced “Our Blesséd Mother” invited me to sit down with Her, which I did, and then She began speaking to me, saying;

“My Dear Children of the World, I your Heavenly Mother am Oh so Saddened at ‘Seeing’ so many of you in such a Deep ‘Spiritual Sleep’, where you have allowed your Hearts and Souls to be ‘Tranquilised’ by My Adversary, Satan’s, Mesmerising and Hypnotic Desires.

My Dear Children, My Sorrowful Heart Weeps so much for so many of you who have so Ardently embraced the Pleasures of the World, choosing to enjoy to the fullest the Seductions of the ‘Worldly’ and ‘Earthly’ Pleasures that are being offered in the form of Worldly Goods and Entertainment, even though these can, as I have already reminded you, only be enjoyed for a limited time, and are ultimately but an ‘Illusion’, as they are not  Heavenly by nature, and are Oh so importantly so, so ‘Destructive’ to your Souls.

It Saddens My Heavily Laden Immaculate Heart even more when I, your Heavenly Mother, ‘See’ so many of you abandoning in your Hearts and Souls, My Belovéd Son, Jesus, your Heavenly King and Saviour, and His Heavenly Promise, ‘Truthful’ Promise, of ‘Eternal Joy and Happiness’, which is not an ‘Illusion’, as this is both ‘Heavenly’ and ‘Divine’ by nature.

My Dear Children, how sad it is for Me to ‘Witness’ so many of you around the World being so Mesmerised by the Entertainment being offered to you through so many Media sources throughout the World, of the Global event of the Olympic Games, where so many of those who are competing, are being Lauded and Worshiped as ‘Gods’

It Saddens Me, your Heavenly Mother so much when I ‘Witness’ so many of My Children in total ‘Awe’ and ‘Adulation’ of many of these Competitors and in the ‘Sacrifices’ that they have made in order to be able to Compete and Gain their Personal Sporting Goals, and that many of these Athletes are being ‘Idolised’ and even Promoted as ‘Roll Models’ for others to emulate, as Models of ‘Greatness’, in order to be Seen in the Light of this ‘Greatness’ by others, and most disturbingly to be Lauded with immense ‘Pride’, where ‘Pride’ is Adorned as a ‘Fine’ and almost ‘Glorious’ and ‘Regal’ quality.

Oh My Dear ‘Misled’ Children, can you not See that these ‘Sacrifices’ that have been made, have been Largely for Personal ‘Ego and Pride’ and that so many of you are being and have been ‘Entrapped’ by My Adversary, Satan, into giving Praise, Worship and Adulation to the great Sins of ‘Pride and Ego’, the very embodiment of My Adversary, Satan?   

My Dear ‘Misled’ Children, can you not See that this Embodiment of Satan of ‘Ego and Pride’, if adopted by you, will only serve to distance you from My Belovéd Son, Jesus, and only Serve to Blind you and Shield you from the ‘Heavenly Truth’ that My Belovéd Son, Jesus, so much wishes for you all to know and to live by?

My Dear Children, the only ‘True Sacrifice’, the only ‘Spiritually Authentic Sacrifice’, the only ‘Heavenly based Sacrifice’ that you My Dear Children should ever be in Awe of, is the ‘Sacrifice’ that is offered up for the ‘Redemption’ of Souls, and for the ‘Atonement’ of Sins, All Sins, including the very Sins of ‘Pride and Ego’, a ‘Heavenly and Spiritual Sacrifice’ that is available and achievable for every one of My Children throughout the World, unlike the ‘Sacrifice’ that is being Lauded for the ultimate purpose of personal ‘Pride and Ego’, that is attainable by only a limited number of Children of Mine such as the Competing Athletes, albeit, ‘Gifted Athletes’.

But, My Dear Children, unlike the personal ‘Pride and Ego’ based ‘Sacrifice’, which is Highlighted and Promoted for Others to See, the only ‘True and Spiritually Authentic Sacrifice’ which is for the benefit of your Souls, is only seen by Heaven, where again unlike the Fruits of the ‘Sacrifices’ made by the Athletes which can result in the Receiving of a Medallion, standing with ‘Pride’ atop a podium for others to See, Congratulate and Adorn, and all for but a short limited time, the ‘True Heavenly Sacrifice’ does and will result in the receiving of ‘Eternal’ Recognition, ‘Eternal’ Glory in the presence of and by the Heavenly Father and in the presence of  All of the Angels and Saints, where you will stand before All, in the Glory of Heaven bathed not in ‘Pride’, but in place of it, with ‘Heavenly Love, Joy and Happiness’.

My Dear Children, if each and every one of you were to accept and offer up just a fraction of One Percent of the amount of personal ‘Sacrifice’ that those who have been making for their personal ‘Pride and Ego’, but in ‘True Heavenly and Spiritual Sacrifice’, then the ‘Total Sum’ of this ‘True Heavenly Sacrifice’ would be Sufficiently ‘Powerful’ to release the Tightening Grip of My Adversary, Satan on Mankind, ‘Totally and Instantly’!

My Dear Children, without the Oh so necessary ‘True Heavenly and Spiritual Sacrifices’, so urgently and so importantly needed for the ‘Atonement’ of Sins, and the ‘Redemption’ of Souls, My Adversary, Satan’s, ‘Sleeping Tonic’ of Earthly Pleasures and Entertainment, which has now even led so many of you into the breaking of one of the ‘Sacred Commandments’ of The Heavenly Father, that of the ‘Worshipping of False Gods’, this ‘Sleeping Tonic’ will continue to place your Souls in Mortal danger of ‘Ensnarement’ by My Adversary, where, if He is allowed to succeed, then tragically your ‘Ensnared’ Soul will be awakened only by the ‘Eternal Suffering’ in the Damnation of Hell.

‘Wake Up’! My Dear Children, ‘Wake Up!

Wake up NOW, before it is too late, for time, your time, for each and every one of you is running short.

My Dear Children, I your Heavenly Mother plead with each and every one of you, please do not let My Adversary, Satan, engage your already shortening time with his ‘Diabolical Deceits and Lies’.

Come My Dear Children, let Me your Heavenly Mother lead you to My Belovéd Son, Jesus, your Heavenly Brother, who out of the Deepest possible Heavenly Love for each and every one of you, so much wishes to share with you the ‘Heavenly Truth’, and to show you, each and every one of you, how to obtain ‘Eternal Happiness’, and to Steer you away from the ‘Lies and Deceits’ of My Adversary, Satan.

Let My Belovéd Son, Jesus awaken you from this ‘Diabolical Slumber’ that My Adversary, Satan, has placed you in, and lead you to the Soothing and Gentle ‘Awakening Light’, that only He can give you, and let your Souls be rid of the Dangers that lie ahead of you in your short time on Earth.

Please My Dear Children, please Listen to Me your Heavenly Mother, while there is still time.

I, your Heavenly Mother, Love each and every one of you, and I am going to continue to call each and every one of you through to your dying breath, in the hope that you will ‘Hear’ My call, and in the hope that you will ‘Respond’ to My call, and if you make that Choice to ‘Hear’ and ‘Respond’ to My call, My Arms will be ever open to receive you, whenever and wherever that may.

I, your Heavenly Mother now send you, through this Message, each and every one of you, My Children throughout the World, My Blessings and Love from My Immaculate Heart.”

Then at this point “Our Blesséd Mother”, still with Tears in Her Eyes stood up and as She always does whenever She “Visits” me, gave me Her Blessings after which “Our Blesséd Mother” Departed, leaving me most Sad, both at the Message that She had given, and at again “Seeing” Her so deeply Sad and Tearful.

I then stayed for a while to offer up some Prayers in thanksgiving to “Our Blesséd Mother” for once again Gracing me, someone who, absolutely and totally unarguably, from my personal prospective, My Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ,  is unquestionably the “Least Deserving” of all human beings, with Her Heavenly Presence, and Heavenly Blessings.  

I pray, O Holy Mother of God, that those who choose to Read or Hear Your Messages, will receive them with Your Blessings, and that their Heart’s too, will be filled with Your Graces and Love.